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ETU Napthine

Client: The Electrical Trade Union
Agency: The Shannon Company
Animation Type: 3D, Motion Graphics

Our television commercial (TVC) for ETU Napthine

The Shannon Company and the Electrical Trade Union sought our help to create a political TVC leading up to the 2014 Victorian state election.

The light bulb was chosen as it echos the Electrical Trade Union, while also representing 'bright ideas' - something we can associate with apprentices and students. We depicted these bulbs shattering in time with the narration, while the final light bulb - by contrast - is dimmed out.

To create this under a short timeframe, we had to experiment with different software applications. Ordinarily, we’d create the globes in full 3D using 3D Studio Max, but in election campaigns - as many know - time is rare privilege!

We still wanted to deliver the client the same end result, so we employed some innovative thinking: we found a way to create the bulbs using images on After Effects, then creating just the 'shattering' in 3D. The end result comes incredibly close to how it would’ve looked if we built the globes in 3D entirely. 

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