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Three Examples That Illustrate The Value Of An Explainer Animation

Aug 10, 2017

With 171,476 words in the 20-volume Oxford Dictionary, the English language is arguably the most expressive in the world.

Whenever you need to write something down, you’re spoiled for choice.

But it isn’t always easy, especially if you’re trying to communicate a new concept or explain a set of complex instructions. In certain scenarios, other mediums are much more effective.

Below are three explainer videos produced by Jumbla that would have been near-impossible to communicate with the written word in an engaging (and succinct) way.


QANTAS Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

This is a perfect example of an explainer animation.

In this project, the client (QANTAS) needed to communicate a range of information covering many different topics, and often using technical language.

QANTAS’ goal was to explain how the Dreamliner facilitated new travel routes, offered greater efficiency, better reliability, and provided additional customer benefits.  

The result is an engaging and punchy explainer animation packed with engaging visuals.

Pouring all of these facts and figures into a written piece would have been lengthy and… well, boring...

Instead of losing the audience’s attention with slabs of text and statistics, we were able to condense QANTAS’ complex messaging into a beautiful animation lasting just two minutes.


Medigold Health’s Absence Management System

In another example of the power of an explainer animation, this piece for Medigold presents the viewer with a simple solution to a potentially huge problem.

The secret to this piece is the storyline. Medigold Health presents an everyday scenario that speaks directly to the viewer while highlighting the product and its features.

Using an explainer animation in this instance provided subtle promotion of Medigold’s product in a real-life context - something difficult to communicate with the written word in such a short period of time.


Lumeo Explainer Video

Here’s a really unique example – an explainer video explaining an explainer video.

Ermmm… maybe just watch the video if that doesn’t make sense (another instance where video is often better than the written word!).

Lumeo’s message articulates the value of an explainer animation while showcasing the brand’s identity, size, and capabilities in a matter of seconds.

And best of all? It doesn’t ask too much of the audience in terms of concentration or comprehension.

Why make communication more difficult than it needs to be? An explainer animation could be your best option.

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