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Case Studies

Our 3D product demonstration for Aquatec

Sep 20, 2016

Here at Jumbla, we consider explainer videos one of our specialities – but they get extra special when they also feature a 3D product demonstration...

In collaboration with Seesaw Studios, we designed and created a modern, product-focused 3D animation for Aquatec – an Australian-owned company who deliver water and wastewater solutions for government, business and residential clients.

The animation was created as a part of Aquatec’s branded suite, detailing the innovative end-to-end service Aquatec provides with their Pressure sewer systems.

‘The brief was very clean and professional, which comes across in the animation,’ says Natalie, one of our producers. ‘But Aquatec also wanted to steer away from a flat explainer animation, and create something dynamic and modern that showcased the technological nature of Aquatec’s products. On top of this, we all wanted the video to feel warm and personable too – so we worked very closely with the team at both Seesaw and Aquatec to make sure this multifaceted vision came to life.’

Aquatec and Seesaw have been collaborating for years – the Melbourne studio started providing Aquatec’s branded content a decade ago, and they have been close partners ever since. So we worked closely with Aquatec and Seesaw to ensure that our video merged seamlessly with their other branded content.

‘The task was to create something on brand in 3D, which had the flexibility to show the technical nuances of a before and after situation when talking about Aquatec’s sewage systems,’ adds Oz, one of our creative directors. ‘This sewage representation had to fit seamlessly with other graphics, like graphs and footage sequences – and also with the other content created for Aquatec by Seesaw Studio. To do this, we used strong brand colours and seamless transitions to create a flow, and tie the elements together in a strong, informative brand film.’

In order to communicate the functions and capabilities of the Pressure sewer system, we animated a streamlined and modern 3D landscape.

‘We decided to use a slice of land – this way we could move around the land easily, and move underground to show the workings of the system,’ says Oz. ‘We had to model different tanks and pipes, as well as a graphic representation of a town so that we could show how the flow is controlled.’

Take a look at the video here:

For more information visit Aquatec’s website here.

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