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(Milk)shaking it up

Jun 13, 2019

When Envato co-founder Collis Ta’eed asked for help launching  an app aimed at helping women build their own business, there was no way we could say no.

The brief - to produce a pre-launch video that reflected the vibrancy, potential, and ease-of-use of the Ta'eeds' Milkshake app.

“Envato first came to us because we’d worked with them previously, and they knew the calibre of work we could produce,” Jumbla Producer Charlotte Parsons said.

“But Milkshake was an extra special passion project for them, which they really wanted to be different. Even the CEO of the organisation was in the meeting room with us. They knew marketing would be key to ensuring Milkshake was successful.”

Milkshake allows women to easily develop a ‘stylish and sophisticated’ website straight from their phone, linked to their Instagram profile.  Users can also access Milkshake's School of Instagram, where they can read tips on how to create a brand from established Instagram influencers.

“We had to approach the prelaunch video differently than usual, because we were developing the video at the same time as the graphics for the app’s UI were being designed. So we were updating the look of the app’s design cards right up until they were finalised,” Charlotte said.

“Milkshake has the potential to really shake things up for women and small businesses when it comes to building their brand. It’s exciting to be a part of innovation like that.”


Find out more about the app at: www.milkshake.app

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