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Jumbla signs dreadlocked French connection

Nov 14, 2018

When we booked a freelancer based on a reel, CV and designer ‘look book’, without having met him, we were treated to a tall, beard-y guy with 13 years worth of dreadlocks piled atop his head.

“What software do you use?” we asked on day one. It turned out Baptiste Rouleau (he’s très French) was proficient in just about everything we do here.

2D, 3D, Cinema 4D… you name it. There’s even a bit of VFX experience in his background.

His talent very quickly shone through. Head of Production Steve Bradshaw wasted no time in signing him up full time to our roster of in-house talent, working on projects such as Boost, Lyf and Meerkat Mining.

Baptiste said he particularly liked the way he has integrated into the team.

“Together, we can pretty much do anything. Here, you think about the software you know and think ‘I know a way of doing this’ and they say, ‘Go for it’,” he said.

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