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Jumbla Academy

Jumbla Academy - Studio Experience | Jumbla

Sep 27, 2017

Semester 3 of Jumbla Academy 2017 is in full swing, with both classes working through the real-world projects they’ve been assigned. Check it out!

This week, students are either polishing up their character animations or creating a typographic and motion-based piece.

Soon enough, they’ll pool together all of this hard work into a job-ready showreel, which along with their newly-acquired studio experience, can be confidently presented to potential employers.

But what sort or skills will these showreels contain? And what would your showreel look like if you signed-up to Jumbla Academy?

Well, here’s what last semester’s Jumbla Academy graduates managed to achieve. It’s a showreel of showreels, if you will…

A showreel of studio quality

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the diversity and quality contained within this showreel is good enough for many an animation and motion graphics studio.

So, it may come as a surprise to hear that several Jumbla Academy students are animation newbies when they rock up to the studio on their first day.

“Some students featured on this showreel didn’t have any animation experience before coming to Jumbla Academy,” says Lahiru Karunaratne, Jumbla Academy Professor. “How wild is that?!”

Really wild, Lahiru. But not as wild as your plan for this latest group of graduates...

“There is so much creativity and potential on display, I’d hire everyone in this crew!”

While there might not be enough room in the studio to offer everyone a job, a few of Jumbla’s full-time creatives started at the Academy.

In fact, there is every chance that Jumbla’s next employee will be an Academy graduate. It could even be you...

Professor Lahiru’s words of wisdom

Why exactly does Jumbla Academy place such a big emphasis on creating a showreel? And how important is it for getting a job?

“The answer is right there in the question,” says Lahiru. “A fantastic showreel is the single most important asset an aspiring animator can have when applying for a job.

“Nobody wants to hire someone without a showreel.”

He was also particularly insightful with his advice for anyone thinking of signing up to Jumbla Academy…

“Don’t turn up naked! Seriously though, come to Jumbla Academy and we’ll make sure you’re as well dressed as possible for your journey into the world of job applications.”

Take a step closer to securing your place, by downloading our infopack today:

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You may even feature on our next Jumbla Academy showreel, which has got to be every animator's dream, right?

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