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Corporate Storytelling: Different Types of Corporate Videos

Jan 31, 2024

Corporate storytelling is a powerful tool that can help businesses connect with their audience on a deeper level. It allows companies to share their values, mission and vision in a way that resonates with viewers. One of the most effective ways to tell these stories is through corporate video production.

In this article, we will explore different types of corporate videos and how they can be used to engage and captivate your target audience.

1. Brand Storytelling Videos:

Brand storytelling videos are an excellent way for companies to introduce themselves to the world. These videos often showcase the company's history, values, culture and unique selling proposition (USP). By sharing these elements in an engaging manner, brands can establish trust with potential customers while also creating an emotional connection.

2. Product Demonstration or Service Explainer Videos:

3D product demo videos are short animated or live-action clips that provide information about a product or service in a concise yet compelling manner. These types of videos focus on highlighting key features and benefits while addressing common pain points or challenges faced by customers. They serve as valuable tools during sales pitches or marketing campaigns as they simplify complex concepts into easily digestible content.

3. Corporate Culture Videos: 

These types of corporate films give audiences insight into what it’s like working within your organisation; showcasing employee happiness levels helps attract top talent looking for fulfilling careers where they feel valued beyond just receiving competitive salaries alone!

4. Training & Onboarding Videos: 

Training new employees effectively is crucial for any business’s success story! Using video-based training materials ensures consistency across all branches/locations at minimal costs – especially when considering travel expenses associated otherwise involved during traditional training methods.

5. Event Highlight Videos:

Event graphic videos capture the essence and energy of company events, conferences or trade shows. These videos can be used to promote future events by showcasing past successes while also serving as a reminder for attendees about the positive experiences they had at previous gatherings.

6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Videos: 

In today's socially conscious world, customers want to know that companies care about more than just their bottom line. CSR videos allow businesses to showcase their commitment to social causes and environmental sustainability efforts. By highlighting these initiatives in an authentic way, companies can connect with like-minded consumers who prioritise ethical practices when making purchasing decisions.

7.  Internal Communication Videos:

Internal communication is vital for keeping employees informed and engaged within an organisation. Video messages from senior leaders or updates on important projects create a sense of transparency and unity among team members spread across different departments or locations.

8. Brand Documentary Videos: 

Brand documentary videos provide viewers with an in-depth look at how successful brands came into existence through interviews with founders/leadership teams combined alongside striking visuals illustrating key moments throughout its history - such narratives often resonate emotionally due partly because audiences find inspiration hearing stories overcoming challenges faced along journey towards success!

These are just some examples of corporate storytelling through video content that can captivate your audience while effectively conveying your brand message. Remember, no matter what type of video you choose to create, keep it engaging yet informative so that viewers are left feeling inspired and empowered after watching it!


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