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Jumbla Academy

A taste of what Jumbla Academy can do for you

Jul 5, 2017

Fresh out of Monash University with the world at his feet, Michael Wilkinson was excited about his career as a motion designer.

But despite his obvious competence as an illustrator and animator, he couldn't land a job due to a lack of industry experience.

Down but not out, Michael stood up, dusted himself off, and looked for alternative ways to build his in-studio credentials.

That's when he discovered Jumbla Academy, a 15-week course run by the Jumbla crew from its South Melbourne base.


Learning with mates in a real animation studio

"I bridged so many gaps in my understanding of the programs and was taught really effectively about what goes into great animation (such as strong design skills)," Michael said.

Michael said the most valuable aspect of the Jumbla Academy experience was the creative and collaborative environment (and not just the table tennis, foosball, video games and awesome sound system).

“The best thing about Jumbla Academy was probably the environment,” Michael reveals. “Being in such a top end studio meeting awesome people was amazingly motivating.”


Not your average animation course

While uni courses can be a chore, the short duration of each semester (currently 15 weeks) means you're not going to waste away listening to the 'dos and don'ts' of animation.

The Jumbla Academy mentors work hard to deliver an engaging and hands-on experience, providing inside knowledge from their experience working in Australia's largest short-form animation company.

“You can't really find mentors like that at uni or around the place,” Michael said.

Perhaps the greatest take-away for students is the guarantee of a job-ready showreel of original content at the end of the course.

Students develop their showreels alongside their Jumbla mentor and learn what it's like to work in an actual studio under a creative director with briefs, deadlines, and project feedback. Speaking of showreels, check out Michael's below:

“Jumbla Academy completely launched me,” Michael said.

“I started taking on solo freelance jobs towards the end of the course, once I'd built up my skills and confidence. Without the course, I'd be way behind where I am now - I'd be on a different trajectory for sure.”

Michael impressed his Jumbla mentors so much that he was offered an internship at the conclusion of the course. But he was a man in demand, and had already accepted a full-time job elsewhere.

“My showreel basically just carried me through because it was way ahead of other uni graduates," he said.

"Aside from all the skills and connections you'll make at Jumbla Academy, the other major benefit of the course is just how motivating it is. And it's really fun!”


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Classes are again filling fast, but there's still time to book your place in the next semester of Jumbla Academy.

Download an infopack today and take the first step toward securing your dream animation role. Who knows, you may even end up working here!

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