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Why Study at Jumbla Academy

Jumbla Academy is our studio-based educational centre where we teach budding animators the techniques, processes and workflows to create beautifully polished animations. 

What sets us apart from other courses is our 'studio ready' approach to teaching exactly what you need to know to produce industry standard animations in a working studio environment.

Our masterclass series is included to provide a deeper understanding of the professional animation world (and how to get into it!).

The goal? To ensure each student graduates with the confidence to kick-start their career in animation. But don't take our work for it - check out our graduate success stories and see for yourself.

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Our Courses

4-week course

Jumbla Academy Summer School (night classes)



Jumbla Academy Summer School is a four-week after-hours course for busy students and 9-to-5ers who want to add motion to their repertoire. 




Email academy@jumbla.com.au to join the semester 2 waiting list.


14-week course


Jumbla Academy 2020


In this course, you'll learn how to create high-quality design, character and text-based animations in After Effects with rigging, transitions, plugins, 3D and more. This course is best suited for existing designers who have a solid understanding of Photoshop and Illustrator and want to add motion to their repertoire.


Course level: Intermediate

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What Students Say


Of students surveyed said their animation skills vastly improved after studying at Jumbla Academy.


Of students said they learned more in their four-month Jumbla Academy course than they did during their time at university.


Of students said that after completing Jumbla Academy, they are confident enough to apply for a job within the animation industry.

"The most valuable thing I learned was the attention to detail required and the reality of how animation would work in an active studio. I felt as though I had a more useful experience here than I would have in just a regular classroom working on personal projects."

S. Boland

Freelancer / In-house Graphic Designer

Immerse Yourself in Studio Life

At Jumbla Academy, you’ll operate under tight deadlines, learn industry best practice, and get a feeling for what it’s like to work on real client briefs.


All the while, you’ll be immersed in the energy of our working studio and share communal lunch tables with leading animators and motion designers.


You’ll also learn insider tips from our guest lecturers, which cover:


  • Exactly what production and HR bosses look for when hiring, and how to meet their requirements.

  • How to increase the appeal of your creations with advanced animation techniques.

  • The importance of developing a signature style and brand for yourself, and what that means in practice.

  • And a whole lot more!

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Who Studies at Jumbla Academy?


We have people from so many different industry and educational backgrounds it’s hard to narrow down! From graphic designers and animators, to video editors, photographers, marketers and account managers - we’ve helped them all improve their animation skills and knowledge.

Here’s a list of some of the most common backgrounds of people who study at Jumbla Academy:

  • Graduates looking to land their first job in the creative industry.

  • Graphic designers and freelancers who want to enhance their skillset.

  • Studio owners interested in broadening their offerings by upskilling creative staff.

  • Current animators looking to upskill generally, or hone in on a specific technique.

  • Anyone who wants a killer motion design video for their folio.

  • People seeking a solid technical foundation upon which to make a career change.

  • Anyone who loves learning in a fun and nurturing environment!

Jumbla Academy Benefits


Studio Environment

Hone your skills in a live studio environment, get to know your classmates and chat with Jumbla's crew while you grab a bite over the communal lunch table.


Commercial Workflows

Learn how to create better work - faster - with Jumbla's studio workflow. You'll have the skills you need to step into a commercial setting and work with confidence.


Insider Knowledge

Learn how studios really work and ask your burning questions to our professors, Head of Production and our Creative Director / Co-Founder.


Skills you need

Walk away with the skills, knowledge and confidence to embark on your next animation project - whether you're in-house, working at a graphic design studio, or freelancing.

Student Testimonials

I became super busy after I made my showreel at Jumbla Academy. It's actually non-stop, and I'm working on interesting projects. I've been using 200% of the skills that I learnt at Jumbla Academy, so thank you!

Aya Hatano

Jumbla Academy Graduate

University is amazing but it is quite an insular environment, whereas with Jumbla you're in studio. You're in the same environment as people who are doing the job every single day.

Alexandra Nel

Jumbla Academy Graduate

Every Sunday I was like, "Awesome, Monday coming up." Even though in most cases I didn't have my assignment ready, I was just psyched to get in to class! It's a creative atmosphere that inspires you to give it your best.

Paul Ziola

Jumbla Academy Graduate

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About Jumbla Studios

Jumbla is a design-driven animation and motion graphics studio based in Melbourne and London.

Our 40-strong team spans the globe and works to apply the best production, scriptwriting, creative, design and technical practices to help clients successfully tell their stories.

We’re proud to work with industry leaders including Microsoft Studios, Riot Games, Leo Burnett, McCann, ANZ, Barclays, QANTAS, Toyota, Suzuki, Ogilvy, BBC, ESPN, and Netflix - to name just a few.

Our experience with the largest corporations is balanced by the projects we tackle for smaller boutiques and owner-operated businesses, in addition to our pro-bono charity work. 

The educational arm of the studio - Jumbla Academy - was introduced in 2016 to help the next generation of animators and graphic designers equip themselves with the technical and soft skills required to land (and keep) a job in the competitive Australian creative industry.

We work hard to be the go-to venue for animation courses Melbourne, Australia and around the world!