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A Chirstmas Carol End Credits - Film Credits Case Study

Dec 9, 2022

As part of Axis Studios and Timeless Films ode to a classic Christmas narrative, A Christmas Carol, Jumbla was approached to bring some 2D charm to their end credits. The film, streaming on Netflix, tells of the story of Scrooge and his encounters with the ghosts of his past, present and future.

End credits play a crucial part in acknowledging the team behind A Christmas Carol so it was Jumbla's mission to engage the audience once the film ended. From initial style frames to polished designs, the team relished the challenge of reimagining such a classic Christmas tale with 2D character profiles

To produce our credits, Jumbla used Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which consists of a variety of programs essential for creatives. For this project, we used Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool for creating character designs. It is a vector-based software that allows designers to create and manipulate shapes, lines, and curves easily. This was the perfect tool to enhance and stylize our 2D character designs. Once our characters were created in Illustrator, Jumbla used Adobe After Effects to animate the on screen transitions.

Adobe After Effects is a program originally designed for visual effects purposes but evolved quickly to become the most prominent 2D motion design software. Utilizing clever transitions mimicking the painterly art of traditional 2D animation, the Adobe Creative Suite was a key tool in executing our end credit sequence to a high standard.

The Jumbla team were ecstatic to put their 2D illustrative sensibilities to use in this Netflix film, which has surely turned the grinch-iest of us into a loveable festive fanatic.

Watch the full film here.


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