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Our passion is storytelling through animation and motion graphics

Our services are diverse and our design approach is unique, but all our work revolves around a love of storytelling. Our services include TV commercials, YouTube pre-rolls, promotional web videos, internal communications videos, logo animations, music videos, broadcast design, event graphics, as well as motion graphics for TV, film and games.

Our unique studio setup means our teams in Australia and the United Kingdom can seamlessly collaborate on client projects, bringing a depth of expertise to every project and uninterrupted workflow.


The Summit Creative Awards 

The Summit International Awards 

The W3 Awards
x 7

The Muse Awards
x 12

The Communicator Awards
x 5

The Bass Awards
x 2

The AEAF Awards
x 5

The Vega Awardsx 7

The Daytime Emmy Awards
x 1

The Webby Awards
x 2

The Horizon Interactive Awards
x 6

The Australian Video Producers Association
x 5


Our interconnected studios in the UK and Australia collaborate with clients all over the world in the film, TV, gaming, video production, events, marketing and advertising industries.



As a creative advertising agency, we can sometimes find ourselves working around the clock for certain fast turnaround jobs. Whilst this can't always be expected for those suppliers around us, Jumbla gave us a perfect solution. Australian office takes 12 hours and London takes the other 12 hours. At first, I was curious as to the handover process and predicted that it would be quite challenging. I was so pleasantly surprised when the job back and forthed so seamlessly and each of the teams were so attentive and on the ball. It is one thing to offer 24/7 service, but it's an entirely different thing to actually do it well, whilst always keeping the best creative output at the forefront. Jumbla has done both, and we couldn't be more pleased with the result. 

Stephanie Leddin

Senior Content Producer


What an exceptional company to work with. From initial kickoff to final delivery, Jumbla absolutely exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with the end product.

Ben Crowe

Senior Producer


From our very first meeting with the Jumbla creative team, it was clear they understood what we were trying to do and just ‘got’ the brief. This continued through the script writing, storyboarding and animation process, making the collaboration completely seamless and stress-free. They met every deadline on schedule and worked tirelessly to deliver a professional, high-quality product.

Lisa O’Brien

Communications Manager


Our Studios

Jumbla is equipped in-house with a team of industry leading creatives, writers, producers and sound designer to deliver 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, polished scripts and music.

Our passionate team are always at the forefront of the trends in animation and video production to ensure every piece is delivered to the highest quality. Voice-overs and bespoke soundtracks are also recorded and composed in-house in our custom built sound studio and recording booth.

With studios in Melbourne and London, we’re turning projects over around the clock, effectively and seamlessly for clients and brands all over the world.

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We're a team of over 40 full-time designers, illustrators, 2D/3D animators and motion graphics artists, producers and copywriters. Collectively our studios in London and Melbourne have over 250 years of animation and motion graphics experience.

Creative and project leadership is delivered by our creative directors. They work closely with clients on all projects to ensure excellent client service and industry-leading creative execution.

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