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Skin Reveal

PUBG Mobile x Warframe

Client: Tencent
Animation Type: Motion Graphics, 2D, 3D, Design

PUBG Mobile collaborates with Warframe

PUBG Mobile hosted a crossover event with Digital Extremes' MMORPG, Warframe. Tencent Games asked Jumbla to create this 3D character animation to introduce the cross-promotion in which players will be able to earn free skins and other Warframe-theme items by completing in-game event missions. 

Taking place over several stages, players can complete special challenges to unlock various Tenno outfits such as the Excalibur Warframe's Umbra variant and WuKong Prime. Future updates will see other features released. 

Jumbla's work features an ultra slow-mo character animation with sweeping cameras zooming in on the new skins. Our sound department layered on a rocking background track and SFX to hone the viewer's attention on those glossy game models and electric FX. 

PUBGM_WARFRAME (0-00-08-01)
PUBGM_WARFRAME (0-00-12-04)
PUBGM_WARFRAME (0-00-18-19)
PUBGM_WARFRAME (0-00-18-01)
PUBGM_WARFRAME (0-00-15-01)

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