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Gaming Showreel

Animation Type: 2D, 3D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Creative Director
Callan Woolcock

Our  gaming showreel features project collaborations with the likes of Riot Games and Microsoft Studios. From visually-rich cinematics to captivating game trailers, we adopt a design-driven approach to animation and motion graphics.

Along with a depth and breadth of technical knowledge, our creative team are also passionate about video games. This enthusiasm and inventiveness is kept in check by a dedicated production team, who manage all video game projects from start to finish.

Animation and motion graphics can further enhance the narrative of video game content or move the plot forward, showcase new characters or contribute to their development, and promote upcoming titles or the latest franchise release.

The projects featured in our gaming showreel include the following:

Forza Motorsport 6: NASCAR Expansion

This in-game cinematic was created to promote the NASCAR Expansion of Forza Motorsport 6. Bright bursts of colour on a white background are intertwined with maps and landscapes of track locations to get players excited about the downloadable content.

Valley of the Kith

Valley of the Kith is a four-minute cinematic sequence created by Jumbla Executive Creative Director Callan Woolcock. He wanted to explore the capabilities of the Element 3D plugin for Adobe After Effects - a powerful yet underutilised tool.


With this opening sequence for the video game Blackstone by developer Odyssey, we decided to take things in an abstract direction. It tells the story of Blackstone being born on a sci-fi planet from a bolt of onyx crystal, creating high-speed havoc across an alien landscape.


This opening sequence for the video game Emissary explores the power and reach of satellite technology. Our team worked long and hard to create a futuristic, intense and highly-detailed piece, which mixes 3D animation with motion graphics.

League of Legends: Kayn

League of Legends developer Riot Games wanted this character reveal to be dark, scary, and full of suspense. Quick transitions to and from darkness build the tension, while blue and red ‘vision magic’ helps to convey Kayn’s dual thought process.

League of Legends: Galio

For millions of players around the world, this would be a first-ever glimpse of the new and improved champion, Galio. The key to bringing this colossus to life was capturing his unique posture and presence against a highly-atmospheric backdrop.

League of Legends: Ivern

Yet another character reveal for League of Legends, this time involving Ivern, the Green Father. The original artwork supplied by Riot Games took us about a month to separate into individual components. From there, we were able to animate the character and throw some motion graphics into the mix.

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