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Opening Sequence

Moving Type Experiments

Animation Type: 3D, Motion Graphics

Our opening sequence 'Moving Type Experiments'

There’s something about letters and typography that is… unorganic.

Organisms in nature have been around forever - yet words and letters didn’t exist until mankind created them. In a way, words are mere infants in the scheme of things.

So, what would happen if we introduced facets of life and nature to break down the rigidness of text? What would happen if we taught these infants just some of the wisdom of the everlasting, natural world?

Our creative manager Cornel created this piece to explore this notion, pulling it all together on Cinema 4D and After Effects.

It opens by depicting the very nature of typography as we know it. It’s tight and uses plenty of straight lines - in fact, it could even be described as “architectural”. It’s a product of human creation, that has logic written all over it.

This is then juxtaposed when Cornel introduces a range of different aspects of nature. The spirit of jellyfish, water and rain, centipedes - even flagella (microscopic whip-like cell organisms) - are all breathed into letters.

Logical form and movement becomes sporadic. Straight lines take on inevitable curves. Architecture is broken down into organism. Character is brought to characters.


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