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Game Cinematic

Arena Breakout - Navy

Client: Tencent Games / MoreFun Studios
Animation Type: 3D Photo-realistic Characters

As part of Jumbla's longstanding relationship with Tencent Games and MoreFun Studios, we were asked to produce this thrilling trailer for their new mobile, first-person shooter game, Arena Breakout. This action packed sequence features photo-realistic CGI soldiers busting their way through an enemy facility. 

Using a mixture of mo-cap and key frame animation, we were able to replicate life-like movement of the soldiers on high poly models. Throw in some ultra-realistic explosion FX and over-the-top gun fire sound effects, and the result is an adrenaline packed trailer guaranteed to keep Arena Breakout fans on the edge of their seat. 

Stills_Arena Breakout_Navy_(0-01-46-13)
Stills_Arena Breakout_Navy_(0-00-37-08)
Stills_Arena Breakout_Navy_(0-00-21-18)
Stills_Arena Breakout_Navy_(0-01-03-06)
Stills_Arena Breakout_Navy_(0-00-09-12)

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