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Explainer Video

Zenith Interiors - Glovebox

Client: Zenith Interiors
Animation Type: 3D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Our explainer video for Zenith

Zenith provides interior solutions for companies and corporations, in a way that combines practicality and style. It made a great decision in pursuing animation for showcasing its unique Glovebox cable management system.

That's because a lot of information – visually and verbally – needed conveying, but it needed to be done so in a chic and timeless manner. We, at Jumbla, wanted to deliver something that would accentuate the brand’s sophisticated identity.

The video starts by introducing Zenith’s purpose: to create office spaces that are functional, appealing and forward-thinking. We present various examples of modern office layouts, but there’s a problem: while they look great on the surface, the spaces underneath the desks tell a different story.

Glovebox is an antidote to those unsightly, disorganised cables. It enables offices to conceal wiring and create a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasant environment for workers.

In executing this piece, we combined product demonstration with character animation. This was an effective way to introduce the product visually, delving into various angles and cross-sections, while also depicting its benefits in the context of human use.

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