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Part One: What’s It Like To Work In Animation and Motion Graphics?

Aug 24, 2017

The first instalment of our three-part blog series, exploring what it's like to work in an animation and motion graphics studio.

Make no mistake, the world of animation and motion graphics is awesome.

You can let your imagination run wild to create all manner of weird and wonderful things, from life-like characters to abstract environments.

Most of the time, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with equally inventive people, who share your passion for conceiving ideas and making them a reality.

But what’s it really like to have a job in the animation and motion graphics industry?

In this three-part blog, Jumbla’s creative team have their say on what you should expect at a fast-paced animation and motion graphics studio.

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Part One: What is the best thing about being an animator or motion designer?

“Literally everything about the job - I love the variety. We always have new projects that cover very different visual styles and stories. It’s challenging and interesting.”

 - Callan Woolcock, Creative Director

“Bringing totally made up and imaginary things to life. Have you got a ridiculous idea? Something completely nonsensical? Let’s make it real!”

 - Alyssa Smedley, Motion Designer & Jumbla Academy Professor

“You get to do heaps of different things, such as animation, design, modelling, texturing, rendering, and sound effects. It's hard to get bored being a motion graphics designer.”

 - Jiwoo Park, Motion Designer

“I get to do something that isn't exclusively about making a living. Also, I’m not doing data entry somewhere and can justify my enormous student debt.”

 - James Manton, Illustrator

“Getting lost in the detail (if time allows). Creating the illusion of life from nothing.”

 - Josh Le Good, Motion Designer

“Every day I do something really creative and get paid for it! There are probably very few jobs with as much creative freedom. This means you have to be disciplined and really feel empathy for the client so they are happy with the piece of art you create for them.”

 - Oz Smith, Creative Director

“Being around like-minded people. Also the ability to take your skills on the road.”

 - Laura Doddy, Motion Designer

“It’s a really cool, fun, and fast-paced job. The work is always really interesting because of the constant a stream of new content you need to create.”

 - Christie Reddoch, Motion Designer

“Job satisfaction. I get to create something that someone will love.”

 - Dileepa Solangaarachchi, Motion Designer

“You get to work on something different every day. You can also show off your work with cool designs, great animations, and awesome soundtracks!”

 - Frankie Lee, Creative Manager

“I really enjoy the creative atmosphere and being surrounded by other artists. It's always so inspiring to look over to your neighbour’s screen and see what they are producing.”

 - Glen Miralles, Motion Designer


Stay tuned for part two, where the creatives reveal their biggest animation and motion graphics challenges.

Or, you could sign up to Jumbla Academy and see what it’s like first-hand… You could even end up working at Jumbla one day, with two internships up for grabs each semester!

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