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What You Need To Know About 2D Animation Quotes

Sep 26, 2017

Let’s get one thing straight - if you’re scouring the web for 2D animation quotes, you want to know what you can get for your dollars.

We’re talking lobsters, pineapples, hungees… cold, hard cash.

So how do you know if your budget will cover the production of a 2D animation before diving too deep into things?

Here’s some food for thought…


2D animation quotes - why we can’t give you a price on your first call

It’s a question our producers get asked time and time again...how much does animation cost?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer. We don’t have a 2D animation cost per minute or a set price for any of our services.

Essentially, we work with what our clients can afford. You tell us how much you’ve got to spend and our producers will let you know what’s possible.

“2D animation quotes are different to say, live action, which has more tangible costs such as talent, crew, location, and lighting,” Senior Jumbla Producer Charlotte Parsons said.

“Our animation quotes are based on how much time and attention we can give a project to perfect its look and feel.

“The more time our creatives have, the more professional your animation will be. We can literally work on a 60-second animation for one week or 22 weeks.”

When given a budget, our producers will initially account for hard costs like a voiceover, script, and music. They’ll then determine how many studio hours the project requires.

“We can still create high quality animations for lower budgets,” Jumbla Producer Danielle Carter said.

“But the higher the budget, the more time we can spend polishing your animation and adding production value.”

Our recent explainer video for Fernwood is a great example of a highly polished and sophisticated 2D animation.

What we need to know when you submit an enquiry

It doesn’t cost anything to send us an enquiry, so what have you got to lose? There’s every chance you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what our producers have to say.

As our enquiry page states:

Estimates and ballpark figures are fine. We work for start-ups through to multinationals. No project is too big or too small.

In addition to asking for your ballpark budget on our quote submission form, we confirm your deadline, objectives, and whether there are any other animations you’d like to emulate.

This helps our producers respond quickly, giving them a better understanding of what you require and how we can bring your concept to life.


How we calculate 2D animation quotes

Once you’ve submitted an enquiry, we’ll get in touch via phone within one working day and email you a briefing template.

The briefing template helps us build a comprehensive understanding of your brand, your customers, and the budget you’ve set aside.

It's not overly taxing or time-consuming to complete and it ensures our visions align from the beginning. Not much information is required to sow the seeds for an awesome animation.

The proposal

After receiving your briefing template, we’ll develop a proposal, which explains the logistics of the project and our creative vision.

With input from our animators and motion designers, you’ll receive a detailed idea of the what the finished product will look like.

We’ll tell you about the concept, provide links to similar pieces, deliver a step-by-step production guide, and outline a fixed price for the work.

2D animation quotes are broken down into the services we provide, rounds of changes, rendering, and the total number of videos needed.


What happens next?

After reading through our proposal, you can get back in touch with questions about the production process or suggestions for alternative concepts. We believe in collaboration, working together, inclusion, and no (unpleasant) surprises!

As soon as you’re ready, we’ll book your job into the studio and the fun can really begin.


Get your 2D animation quotes within one working day

Interested in creating a 2D animation? Quotes are provided quickly so you can decide whether our services are right for your brand without wasting your time.

Send us your budget and we’ll let you know what’s possible within one working day!

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