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This Week in Animation: September 8

Sep 8, 2017

What's going down in the world of animation this week? We've got the goods...

Logitech launches CRAFT keyboard with creative input dial

Logitech is targeting designers, artists, and editors with its “revolutionary new flagship” product - the CRAFT Advanced Keyboard.

Featuring a creative input dial known as “The Crown,” the keyboard aims to offer users greater control in creative programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro, as well as office-based software such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

“The Crown recognises the apps you use and gives you access to the tools you need with a touch, tap and turn,” says Logitech. “Stay in your element by adjusting image brightness, contrast and saturation in Adobe Photoshop, or create and adjust charts in Microsoft Excel with a quick flick of the dial.”


Cinematic music video for Sparks’ latest single features stop-motion animation

For its latest single ‘Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me),’ American pop band Sparks enlisted the help of BAFTA-nominated director Joseph Wallace to create a breathtaking stop-motion music video.

The video features band members Ron and Russell Mael immortalised in puppet form exploring a surreal world inspired by Paris and Parisian culture.

“I didn’t want to illustrate the song too literally as the lyrics were fairly clear and the sentiment was really strong for me, so I tried to create a metaphor that would almost visually score the music and hopefully enhance the meaning of the song,” says Wallace.


New book explores the importance and influence of every major typeface since the 1450s

A new book by Paul McNeil takes a closer look at every major typeface produced since the beginning of print publishing in the 1450s.

The Visual History of Type also features over 350 illustrations, with each entry supported by a brief history and description of the typeface.

“I’ve always been fascinated by type and typography as the central pillars of communication, rather than merely as part of a design toolkit,” McNeil told FormFiftyFive.


Adobe says Motion Graphics templates are “a new way to harness your creativity”

In a recent blog post, Adobe has been heaping praise on its new Motion Graphics templates, which facilitate easier collaboration between After Effects and Premiere Pro.

“Motion Graphics templates are making it possible for editors to take advantage of the powerful, creative capabilities After Effects offers and presenting the essential elements directly inside Premiere Pro,” says Bronwyn Lewis, Product Manager for mobile video editing.

EJ Hassenfratz, who designed the new After Effects Motion Graphics templates, adds: “Building designs and creating controls in After Effects and being able to change those same controls in Premiere, or even 3D text, is going to help so many people in the industry and speed up workflows.”


All hands on deck for Jumbla’s latest volunteer mission

Three of Jumbla’s creative team recently swapped their tablet pens for paintbrushes to help restore the Polly Woodside – a historic museum ship moored at South Wharf.

Every member of staff at Jumbla is designated one day per year to volunteer for a project of their choosing. It’s all part of Jumbla’s commitment to supporting one another and contributing to a better society.

Commenting on her experience, Motion Designer Christie said: “It’s not only important to give back to the community, but also be proud of our culture and history."

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