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This Week In Animation: November 3

Nov 3, 2017

Our latest animation and motion graphics news roundup!


Google unveils new platform for downloading 3D objects and scenes

Google has launched a new platform for the creative industry that features a library of downloadable 3D objects and scenes.

Poly is specifically targeting VR and AR developers, but because all the objects are in OBJ format, they can be downloaded for applications like Cinema 4D and Maya.

"We want to enable creators and developers to build on everyone’s work," says Andrea Zvinakis, Product Manager, Poly. "That’s why we created Poly: one place to browse, discover and download 3D objects."


Adobe and Fontself launch five free to download colour fonts

Adobe has joined forces with Fontself to release five free to download colour fonts, which have been created by designers from around the world.

It follows on from the announcement at Adobe MAX that Illustrator now supports OpenType-SVG fonts, which allow for unique colours, patterns, and gradients.

"While colour and typography have always gone along...digital type has mostly remained colour blind in its practice, converging toward contour shapes, leaving the characters’ fill to the choice of the end user," notes Fontself.


Get It Girl collective highlights the female illustration and animation experience

Get It Girl is a collective of three illustrators and one producer who create work that sheds light on the female experience.

Recently, they were interviewed by Motionographer about their inspiration behind Get It Girl, the importance of collaboration, and what makes working in animation so special.

"The special thing about working in animation is that you need to think and consider beyond the design you created – you need to achieve an open mind and think ways to create something that it doesn’t exist yet," says Xoana Herrera.


Rowbyte Colour Wiggle for After Effects now available for free

Rowbyte has announced that its utility plug-in Colour Wiggle for After Effects, which used to cost USD$24.99, is now available for free.

Through its simple interface, you can easily control the colours you want to use with the wiggle and receive real-time feedback.

Colour Wiggle for After Effects is compatible with CS6 and Creative Cloud versions.


Jumbla Academy Open Day to lift the lid on a working animation studio

Jumbla Academy will be opening its doors for a guided tour from 2.30pm on Thursday 9 November to give prospective students a taste of studio life.

Just like Jumbla Academy itself, our open day aims to provide an authentic insight into what an animation and motion graphics studio is really like.

If you want in on this, email our awesome tour organiser and marketing whizz Em at emma@jumbla.com.au or phone 9023 9310.

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