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This Week In Animation: January 19

Jan 19, 2018

A bite-sized round-up of this week’s hottest animation and motion graphics news...

Wacom introduces new flagship 24-inch pen tablet

Wacom is describing a new full-HD 24-inch screen tablet as its “flagship product for business application and education.”

Two models are available - a pen-only version (DTK-2451) and a pen and touch version (DTH-2452). Both models feature 2048 levels of pen pressure for precise drawing, writing, and annotating.

However, artists and designers might want to wait until Wacom’s new Cintiq Pro models appear later this month, which have 4K displays and 10-bit colour support.

Animator creates homemade iPhone X motion capture system

Cory Strassburger, of LA-based digital studio Kite & Lightning, has made a motion capture system using an iPhone X, a custom app, a homemade helmet rig, and a performance capture suit.

In his video notes, Strassburger said he wanted to see whether the iPhone X could be used “for cheap and fast facial motion capture for our VR game, which is overrun by wild and crazy immortal babies who all want to express themselves”.

Following an initial facial expression capture test, he added eye tracking, head motion, and improved blendshapes before importing the data into Maya. Finally, he combined the facial animation with full body capture.



J CUBE releases Multiverse Studio V5 for Maya, Houdini, and Katana

In partnership with Foundry, J CUBE has unveiled Multiverse Studio V5 for use with Maya and other DCC apps such as Houdini and Katana.

The latest version adds a host of new features including a look outline that enables users to expand hierarchies quickly and perform complex searches.

“This is our fifth major, and greatest version. It allows users to manage 3D complexity with efficient scene assembly, powerful set dressing, inter-ops with DCC apps.” J CUBE’s Paolo Berto Durante said.

Illustrator and director Billelis stresses importance of self-promotion on social media

3D illustrator and animation director Billy Bogiatzoglou, aka Billelis, has spoken to DigitalArts about the importance of self-promotion on social media.

Billelis attributes his impressive client roster of Nike, Red Bull, Coca Cola, and Peugeot, to exposure on platforms like Behance, where he has a total of 35,000 followers.

“To be honest, it [social following] has skyrocketed the past year,” he said. “But I think the main thing is to be consistent on all social media platforms, engage with the creative community and make sure you show your best work on places like Behance and your portfolio.”

Brunio Borio joins Jumbla’s motion design team

To kick-start 2018, Jumbla has brought the creative talents of Brazilian-born Bruno Borio on board.

Bruno has more than 10 years of experience in the creative space, most notably at VetorZero - the biggest 3D studio in Latin America.

Check out our recent blog about Bruno where he reveals what drives his passion for animation and motion graphics.


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