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Fits Like a Glove: Our Latest Product Demo for Zenith Interiors

Dec 14, 2016

Our latest product demonstration was completed for Zenith Interiors, an Australian office interiors company. Zenith have been providing beautiful, modern and functional furniture to offices throughout the country for over half a century, and pride themselves on their innovative solutions to all varieties of work environments.

Their latest creation is one of their most innovative yet. Glovebox is a revolutionary cable management system, designed to make your working life a whole lot more clean and organised.

Glovebox lives under your desk, and stores all of your cables connected to the tech on your desktop: data, chargers, power, HDMI – you name it. Knotted, disorganised cables are a thing of the past.

How does it work? Power is fed from the wall into Glovebox’s ‘duct’, which runs along the back of your office desk. The cables are then fed seamlessly up into Glovebox, where power and data outlets are mounted.

The result is a seamless, organised and tidy workplace solution – that finally makes redundant the unsightly and disorganised clutter of data and power cables from the underside of office desks. Not to mention, Glovebox is fully integratable with height adjustable desks, plus it’s made from recyclable materials – an environmental win.

It was our job to animate a product demonstration for Glovebox, to explain it to potential users and introduce it to market.


Replicating stylish furniture through animation

"Zenith has very beautiful and well-designed furniture, so they wanted the animation to have the same sleek style, to evoke the look and feel of their brand and resonate with customers," said Jumbla Executive Producer Charlotte Parsons. "The client had a good idea of what they wanted, and our design was based on Zenith’s brief – but we certainly had a lot of creative license, and created something beautiful and unique."

The Glovebox animation was a very collaborative process, with four animators working on different elements at once. Jimmy worked on the illustrations and animations, Dee designed the 3D elements, Glen provided the sound design. Oz, our Creative Director, oversaw the project, providing help with storyboarding and creative input.

"Oz had a very clear direction from the start," said Charlotte. "We only had a few production meetings to ensure everyone was on track, knew what they needed to achieve and what they needed to do. It was also really fascinating to learn more in-depth information about collaborating and incorporating 2D and 3D animation seamlessly.

"The client was an absolute pleasure to work with. To help us understand Glovebox better, we went to Zenith’s showroom in the city, which was really great to see. I loved the product too – it’s so innovative, and seamlessly designed.

I can’t believe it isn’t more ubiquitous, actually – trying to organise cables under your desk by yourself is a pain, and without fail, they get knotted and disorganised. I’d love to have some in the office – we should get some for Jumbla!"

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