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NetComm marketing campaigns take flight

Jun 24, 2019

New and innovative forms of technology can be tricky to explain.

That’s why for Netcomm, a leading developer of innovative broadband products, we opted to use the metaphor of honeybees to explain the service they were offering: intelligent support with the ‘internet of things’ (IoT).

“NetComm wanted to build hype and interest for their products without getting too technical or detail oriented,” Producer Danielle Carter said.

“We were lucky enough that as a client, NetComm love pushing the boundaries of a brief and really encouraged our team to come up with original and innovative ideas.

“We chose to make bees the heroes of the piece as they’re the perfect symbol of what implementing an IoT strategy can feel or look like – chaotic and disordered, even though there’s an underlying, inbuilt logic to it all.

“The electric grid lighting up in the final moments of the video really highlights that point  – even though a hive has many different parts, it’s all strategically linked and works seamlessly together.”

Our work has since (don’t mind us) taken flight.

This is actually the second time that NetComm and Jumbla have worked together. At the start of this year, we helped NetComm create a video for the 5G Wireless Campaign, which went on to win Communications Day Edison Award for Best Telecom Marketing Initiative, reflective of the campaign’s ability to best ‘deliver global awareness of NetComm’s products’.

Watch the Internet of Things NetComm video here. 

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