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Meet Cornel: Our Newest Creative Director

Oct 11, 2016

Introducing the newest member of the Jumbla family – Cornel, who’s joined us all the way from Germany! He’ll be joining the team as our latest creative director.Cornel has worked on some amazing projects. Check some of our favourites out below:

How did you end up in the animation field?

Classically – I started off self-taught, and was offered an internship in an ad agency back in 2003. These were good times – affordable 3D for advertising was quite new, and there was just so much to learn for designers and for the clients. It’s crazy how fast time passed by since then – and learning never stopped. Shortly after that I focused more and more on doing 3D for a living, with differing fields: rendering space stuff for the European Space Agency, working for a start up doing stereoscopic 3D animations, freelancing and studying classic design at university.

For the last four years, I was employed by a major broadcast TV station – and now I’m back in advertising. Still animating. Still loving it.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I’ll try to keep this short: I love the science fiction and horror genre, the combination of both, all things related to pop and geek culture, science, going to cinema and art galleries, binge watching Netflix, electronic music from today and the classics from the 70s and 80s, cooking, talking, teaching, playing paintball, chess, badminton and video games… lots of video games.

What’s something interesting we don’t know about you?

I feel like I’m 40% insane most of the time – and I enjoy it. Ah, and I dislike dogs somehow. Sorry for that.

How are you finding Melbourne so far? How does it compare to Munich?

I absolutely love it here. Both are beautiful cities with some great old architecture, but Melbourne succeeds better in combining the old with the new. As a European, all the little differences feel stunning. Every day is full of wonder. It’s almost overwhelming. Inspiring. People’s attitudes are generally more laid back than in Munich. It’s a pity that you get used to it after some time – I’d love to keep that feeling for way longer.

What made you want to work at Jumbla? What’s your impression of it so far?

The thirst for adventure. Jumbla had this super interesting job posting online, so I applied and had an even more interesting Skype talk with Cal, Oz and Steve. The chemistry just seemed right. The team does outstanding work here while the overall atmosphere is relaxed and comfy. A sign of good project management. The co-workers are a pack of crazy good artists and the projects are as challenging as fun so far.

Interested in working at Jumbla? Be sure to check out our careers page.

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