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Just what the doctor ordered: our new explainer for HotDoc

Oct 25, 2016

Hands up if you miss getting a lollipop at the doctor’s office. Yeah...us too.

Our latest explainer video, which we made for HotDoc, starts off with a little taste of nostalgia – getting rewarded for sitting through an injection with a sweet treat. Those were the days.

Adulthood means that we forgo the lollipop now (sigh) – but there’s another thing that makes doctor’s appointments just a little less painful: HotDoc’s online booking system.


Getting the message across

It’s used by over 4000 GPs throughout Australia. On the HotDoc website, patients can easily book in appointments with their preferred doctor, at their preferred practice – in fact, chances are, you’ve probably used it yourself.

HotDoc approached us with the aim to build its brand identity through a two minute explainer video, which would appear on the HotDoc homepage and regularly shared with Practice Managers and GPs. We needed to explain how the HotDoc platform works, and how their system can benefit medical centres.

It was key for the explainer video to convey HotDoc’s core values – continuity of care, innovation, and trust. We needed to communicate that stronger partnerships between health professionals and patients means better health outcomes, that HotDoc has pioneered breakthrough products, and that HotDoc’s software is robust and secure.


An effortless aesthetic

"HotDoc approached us with the intention of creating a video that was different and a bit more higher-end that what they’d done in the past," said Jumbla Motion Designer Glen Miralles.

"In terms of look and style, they were really open towards anything, which was great! I got to pitch characters and backgrounds that were more attune to my own style, as there weren’t many restrictions. In the end we settled for a good middle ground between my own aesthetic and their vision."

You’ll notice that the animation style is very smooth, with each scene transitioning effortlessly into the following – how do our animators achieve that?

"HotDoc had come up with a bunch of storyboard frames and ideas," said Glen. "This made it super clear what they wanted to show, so I really got to concentrate on how each scene would flow and transition on into the next.

"The animation was quite character heavy – most of the time you’ll see a character, and I used that as a kind of point-of-interest for the viewer to follow from one scene to the next."

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