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Jumbla Academy

Jumbla to host intensive Cinema 4D course

Nov 20, 2017

As a treat in time for Christmas, Jumbla is hosting an intensive Cinema 4D course next month!

You’ll study under the guidance of experienced Jumbla Academy Professor, Lahiru Karunaratne, during four days of hands-on Cinema 4D training in our South Melbourne studio.

The best part? You’ll have immediate access to Lahiru to answer any questions you have and resolve issues on-the-spot.

No more bouncing emails around and hoping for an online tutor to respond.

This is your opportunity to access the stand-alone Cinema 4D Intensive Course before we roll it into the 15-week Jumbla Academy semester in January 2018.

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Why take Jumbla Academy’s intensive Cinema 4D course?

Jumbla Academy’s resident Professor Lahiru Karunaratne has been developing a curriculum that not only covers the basics but also explores some more advanced and exciting techniques.

It may be short and sweet, but we pack plenty into the 32-hour course. By the end, you’ll have the knowledge you need to meet the industry demand for cutting-edge 3D practitioners in 2018 and beyond.

Here’s why Senior Motion Designer Cornel Swoboda thinks Cinema 4D is such an important tool in any creative’s kit...

  • 3D is the future - you don’t want to be left behind.
  • It’s super-popular with animation studios, production houses, advertising agencies, and freelancers, primarily because of 3D’s growing popularity.
  • Once you feel at home with Cinema 4D, you can learn other 3D applications with ease.
  • It integrates with nearly every application, including our favourite - After Effects.
  • It gives you a good introduction to 3D terminology as well as how to navigate and work in 3D.


Intensive Cinema 4D Course Curriculum

Day 1 - Monday 4 December

  • Dive headfirst into Cinema 4D and uncover ways to work around the program, before taking a crash course in the basics of modelling with geometry.

Day 2 - Wednesday 6 December

  • We dig a deeper into the world of modelling with geometry, before moving on to make everything look snazzy with materials and lighting.

Day 3 - Monday 11 December

  • It’s time to get those polygons moving with a look at animation in Cinema 4D. Add and animate cameras to the scenes to ensure you’re always getting the best angle.

Day 4 - Wednesday 13 December

  • We examine how Cinema 4D and After Effects can work together, wrapping the day with an animated style frame.

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Why should you apply to Jumbla Academy’s intensive Cinema 4D course?

“It’s kind of mandatory for animators and designers to know applications like Cinema 4D,” says Jumbla Senior Motion Designer Cornel Swoboda. “Over the past few years, motion graphics has shifted more and more into 3D. It’s the future.”

Cinema 4D is our go-to application for nearly every project that requires 3D modelling and motion graphics. Its user-friendliness, extensive capabilities, and compatibility with other applications such as After Effects, make it a versatile and indispensable tool in studios around the world.

“It’s easy-to-use, easy-to-learn professional 3D software, which specialises in motion graphics,” adds Cornel. “If you only have a basic understanding of After Effects, you can jump onto Cinema 4D and still make your way around.”

So whether you’re a Jumbla Academy graduate, animator, graphic or motion designer, or someone looking to broaden their skillset, our intensive Cinema 4D course is ideal if you’re looking to demonstrate greater diversity in your resume.

“Cinema 4D is super-popular with animation studios, production houses, advertising agencies, and freelancers,” says Cornel. “The intensive course will make students fit for the future; make them better animators and motion designers.”


Apply to our intensive Cinema 4D course today

Our intensive Cinema 4D course is less than three weeks away. Talk about Christmas coming early!

We don’t expect spots to stick around for long though, so get your application into us ASAP. Your letter to Santa can wait...

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