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Jumbla Showcased by Melbourne Motion

May 19, 2017

Melbourne Motion, a social society that organises meet ups for designers in the animation and motion graphics industry, recently held an event at Loop Bar - and Cal, our executive creative director, and Oz, one of our creative directors, were invited to be the stars of the show!

Earlier this week, the who’s who of Melbourne’s animation world piled into a bar on Bourke Street to hear Cal and Oz deliver a presentation about our recent work. Simon Bronson, the head of design at Melbourne agency Method Studios, runs the Melbourne Motion events - and he got in touch with Cal after seeing Valley of the Kith and Blackstone online, and asked him if he’d be interested in a dedicated night to talk about the projects. The presentation focussed particularly on Valley of the Kith, our newly completed passion project created almost entirely inside After Effects using Element 3D.

‘This project is pretty interesting for people within the motion graphics community,’ Cal notes, ‘as it's a bit of a unique project in the way it was created. Oz also had some other projects that we created breakdowns to chat about - such as Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Yellow, and Clique. We had also planned to talk about Blackstone and Scottish Water but we ended up running out of time!’

Check out Valley of the Kith here:

‘The event at Loop Bar was a really valuable experience,’ continues Cal. ‘In the past I have spoken at Pause Fest, which had around 100 or so people, and a few smaller events here and there - but they were only very short - around 10 minutes or so. The more of these type of things we do, the better balance you find between being informative and entertaining, and having the right amount of content - which I think is important when trying to keep people interested.

‘Overall it was fun to do - and hopefully a bit inspiring. It's always good to meet like-minded people and have a chat about motion and animation - after all, it's what we do every day of our lives, and not many people outside of the community really understand it.’

Thanks to the guys at Melbourne Motion and Loop Bar for having us!

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