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Jumbla honoured at The Webby Awards – ‘the highest honour of the internet’

Apr 13, 2017

Jumbla has been honoured at the Webby Awards for the second time in two years – this time taking home the Webby Honouree Award for Y3llow. Here it is...


Jumbla Stands Out Among 13,000 Award Entries

It was the most competitive year ever at the Webbys – there were 13,000 entries received from all over the world, with over 70 countries being represented at the award ceremony’s 21st season.

This award win means that Y3llow ranks in the top percentage of the submitted work, as judged by the competition’s panel – which, this year, included in its ranks such illustrious names as Kevin Spacey, Grimes, and Jimmy Kimmel.

It was a tough competition too – with brands and TV shows we were up against including Prada, QANTAS, Ikea, Game of Thrones and Chef’s Table.

"It’s such an honour to be an Honouree and honestly all I can say is that we’re honoured," said Jumbla Head of Production Steve Bradshaw. 

The Webby Honouree Award marks the fifth accolade the animation has earned, also previously winning honours at the AEAF Awards, the W3 Awards, the Muse Awards, and the Horizon Awards.

We’re hugely proud of the enduring animation – particularly for having been recognised by one of the media industry’s most esteemed award ceremonies. Or, as the New York Times refers to it as, the ‘highest honour of the internet.’

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