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Industry Insider: Vicious Cycle

Jan 25, 2017

The Jumbla blog welcomes Cornel, our creative manager, as our guest blogger for this month. This the first in our new series, Industry Insider, which rounds up the coolest and most innovative work in the animation world every month. This month’s pick is Vicious Cycle, a morbid and cheeky animation fresh out of London’s creative scene.

Vicious Cycle is a very well crafted piece of animation. Visually, it’s excellent. I love the colours – the almost illustrative, yet realistic look of it. The plain colour background evokes the look and feel of an illustration, even though the piece is pure 3D – many shots use a parallel camera, intentionally flattening the picture. The static camera perspective really helped achieving this mix. The machinery is just perfectly choreographed, with a lot of secondary animation.

Narrative wise, it’s fantastic – it tells a fun story that leads to an extremely satisfying end where, spoiler alert, the cycle remains unbroken. It’s great how the piece tortures the viewer’s expectation for more than two minutes, before things starts breaking up… the audience is engaged, and they stay around until the grand finale – which is rare in these times, as there is so much competition.

Of course, the message is very powerful and important: how increasingly fast and overloaded routines usually mess up work – and ourselves. An effect we see in our own society.

Overall, this animation might be one of the best additions to early 2017.

Watch the animation below:

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