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This Week In Animation: July 28

Jul 28, 2017

Join us as we delve into the world of animation and motion graphics to unearth the hottest stories of the week just for you. Here goes...


Adult Swim’s latest Rick and Morty trailer features animation from 200 artists

To promote season three of Rick and Morty, Adult Swim has released a weird and wonderful trailer for the sci-fi sitcom.

It features animation from over 200 artists, each of which transport Ricky and Morty into strange new worlds using their own unique styles, featuring an abundance of pop-culture references.

Entitled ‘Rick and Morty Exquisite Corpse,’ the trailer was directed by Matt Taylor at Titmouse. Watch the trailer on YouTube and catch full episodes of Rick and Morty over at Adult Swim.


Hej Stylus! update brings ‘fully fledged stylus control’ to Mac

The menu bar application Hej Stylus!, which enables illustrators and artists to configure their graphic tablet pen, mouse, or other input on Mac devices, has received an update.

Version 2.0.2 offers key features such as two position smoothing methods, pressure smoothing and buffering, instant pressure mapping, exchangeable presents, as well as tilt and rotation smoothing.

“I waited a long time for somebody to come up with an application like this, and when they didn’t I decided to work on it myself," said app creator Eilert Janssen.


Real-time rendering ‘the future of game and animation development’

Epic Games, the brains behind Unreal Engine 4, believes that real-time rendering technology is the future of game and animation development.

Although this piece of news is perhaps more concerned with the video game industry, Jumbla was particularly interested in the cinematic trailer for Fortnite, which features real-time production.

“It’s amazing, to be able to see the full resolution renders in the thick of battle saves a lot of time on the back-end,” said co-directors Michael Clausen and Gavin Moran.


Hullabalu introduces new features to Lightwell animation app

Hullabalu has released new features including lip syncing, image sequences, and interaction manager updates to its interactive iOS app Lightwell.

Lightwell enables users to build mobile apps without writing a line of code and can effortlessly animate 2D art into interactive experiences.

Some of the technology featured in other Hullabalu tools such as Pegasus, an animation and story engine, and Artemis, an art and design suite, are also included in Lightwell.


Jumbla unveils 2017 showreel

Jumbla has released a brand new showreel for 2017, highlighting the studio’s best work of the past six months.

As opposed to releasing showreels for each of Jumbla’s services and styles, the creative team decided to mash everything together into a quick-fire deluge of sequences.

“We have been doing so much work in the last year and it's really varied,” said Creative Director Oz Smith. “Jumbla has definitely added more higher-end work to our reel too.”

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