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Jumbla Academy

Hard Work Delivers Valuable Rewards For New Animators | Jumbla

Aug 21, 2017

Amid celebrations capping her year-long, 3500km journey across Australia, Tracey Theseira was quietly coming to grips with the fact she could now call herself an ‘animator’.

That moment of elation was shared with colleagues and friends at Jumbla’s South Melbourne studio.

But it was never a foregone conclusion.

Tracey’s initial application to become an intern at Jumbla ended with disappointment. On a cross-country interview via Google Hangout, she realised she lacked the skillset needed to tackle the role and move to a city 3.5hrs away by air.

Down but not out, she investigated Jumbla Academy as an alternative route of entry.

“I wanted to learn the programs it would take for me to get a job in the industry,” she said.

“So I took a big leap, packed up my life in Perth and moved to Melbourne.”


Laser-like focus on animation

Moving to a new city, particularly on the other side of the country, was always going to be tough.

But that wasn’t a problem for Tracey as she’d trained her laser-like focus on one thing - becoming a professional animator.

“I worked hard at the academy, producing a body of work that would impress Jumbla enough to give me an internship the second time around,” she said.

“I dedicated myself to being the type of creative that Jumbla would want as an intern.”

After graduating Jumbla Academy with flying colours, Tracey was given the opportunity to be the studio’s latest intern.


The Jumbla Academy effect

Tracey said Jumbla Academy provided not only the hard skills she needed to succeed, but instilled a sense of confidence in her own abilities that was previously lacking.

“Learning and eventually working in the studio has developed my creativity and refined my animation skills,” she said. “With every project I worked on, I got faster at completing it, while still producing high quality work.

“I now believe that I’m truly worthy of being called an animator.”

Tracey’s time at Jumbla also provided networking, friendship and learning opportunities via her co-workers and fellow students.

“One of the best things about the academy and internship was working alongside all the amazing people,” Tracey said.

“Everyone at Jumbla was so nice and welcoming that even when there was nothing for me to do, I was encouraged to stay creative and productive.”

This included an animation for the Loopdeloop challenge, which Tracey went to win at the Melbourne screening.

Talk about nailing life!


Tracey’s Jumbla Academy advice

“To anyone thinking about signing up to Jumbla Academy, do it,” she said. “It’s worth it.”

Tracey revealed that having real (physical!) people to call on for help and learn from provided a distinct advantage over online tutorials and other teaching methods.

“Lahiru taught me the core techniques of animation in After Effects and other Adobe programs.

“Jess was an amazing mentor and friend. She was my go-to person when I didn’t understand something and was always happy to help.

“David taught me how to think more like a designer, while Elena took the time to teach me how to properly ease my animation.

“But most of all, Jeric went out of his way to teach me many, many things like text and cel animation.

“Thank you, guys!"

Think you’d be a good candidate for Jumbla Academy? Applications are now open.

Two internships are up for grabs for Jumbla Academy students each semester. That’s pretty good odds!

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