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Jumbla Academy

From Jumbla Academy...To Jumbla Job

Sep 27, 2017

What did you want to be when you grew up? Most kids dream of being astronauts, sports stars, maybe even superheroes.

But career aspirations tend to fray as quickly as those early years recede.

Primary and secondary school passes, and young adulthood brings whole new levels of responsibility and decision-making.

It’s a common situation, but one that’s typically softened when working in the creative sphere.


Regardless of what you learned at school or uni, it’s more than likely your skillset will be transferrable between disciplines.

Laura’s story

After finishing a degree in Games and Animation, Laura Doddy knew she wanted a creative career - but wasn’t sure where to turn.

“I was freelancing; it wasn't really going anywhere,” she says.

With her creative background, Laura was familiar with some of the Jumbla Academy curriculum, but not confident in her ability to deliver at a professional level (or any level at that stage).

Despite a lack of experience in Adobe After Effects - one of the core programs used in academy - she took a chance and submitted an application.

“I just kind of thought, 'You know, whatever, I'll apply,’” she said.

“I kind of just jumped into it and was accepted, which was surprising.”

While completing the course, Laura discovered many of the concepts learned while studying games and animation were equally useful in a motion graphics setting.

Her Jumbla Academy graduation was followed by a short internship at the studio, and more recently, culminated in a full-time job offer (which she took!) to work as one of our creatives.

Here’s a quick look at Laura’s journey:



How to be a successful Jumbla Academy applicant

The only entry requirement to Jumbla Academy is some sort of animation or creative design experience.

A basic knowledge of the software (typically Adobe Creative Cloud applications but soon Cinema 4D), and a good artistic eye also comes in handy.

“If you are remotely inclined to head in this direction, this course is great,” Laura said.

“I went into it knowing nothing, and I've come out of it with a job. There's nothing stopping you - the sky's the limit.”

Ready to start your Jumbla Academy journey?

The first Jumbla Academy semester of 2018 starts 15 January.

Download an infopack today and take the first big step to securing a career in the creative industry.

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