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5 Tips For Optimising Your Corporate Video | Jumbla

Aug 31, 2017

Corporate video is perhaps best known for the reputation that precedes it - bland and tedious content, which does little to engage or inspire.

But this cliché is a little unfair. In recent years, several brands have taken advantage of video’s versatility and got their corporate message across with conviction.

A number of approaches have been adopted, such as parody, storytelling, humour, and animation…

Here are five examples of brilliant corporate video that are far from boring.


  1. Ikea: Experience the power of a bookbook

In spite of exquisite design, Apple’s product reveal videos can be a little over-the-top in terms of embellishment. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Ikea, who created a parody video for its 2015 catalogue, entitled “Experience the power of bookbook.”

It cleverly applies digital jargon to the book’s physical characteristics, such as “tactile touch technology that you can actually feel,” which refers to turning the pages by hand. The video also highlights the advantages of print compared to the often unnecessary features of modern devices.

Not only does this corporate video parody a well-known reference without going too far, it also showcases the brand’s identity and the product’s functionality.


  1. Google Search: Reunion

What’s your first port of call when you need to unearth a piece of information online? Don’t tell us…Google! But the search engine can do so much more than find your nearest Maccas or explain the latest Game of Thrones fan theory.

As this corporate video from Google India shows, it can also transcend borders and reunite long lost friends. Its primary focus is the story, with Google search acting as an unobtrusive yet essential tool to help the narrative along.

The video reaches its crescendo with a heart-warming embrace between two childhood best mates. Subtle in its delivery, far from unbelievable, and a shining example of storytelling.


  1. Y3llow - Chris Froome

Elite sport is dominated by tech innovations and awesome product design. So how do you promote something like a nasal dilator, which appears rather insignificant? You enlist the help of four-time Tour De France winner Chris Froome.

This web video for Turbine by Rhinomed hardly features the product. Instead, it follows the thought process of Froome and his incessant pursuit of the yellow jersey. In a world of marginal gains, a nasal dilator doesn’t seem that insignificant after all.

The often dark yet dream-like qualities of live-action footage and motion graphics paint a vivid picture of Froome’s determination. This Jumbla production has been recognised by the AEAF Awards, the W3 Awards, the Muse Awards, the Horizon Awards, and the Webby Awards.


  1. Dollar Shave Club

Another product that doesn’t exactly sell itself, Dollar Shave Club’s razor blade subscription service achieved viral status a few years back with this original and effective corporate video.

The premise is simple – make people laugh with outlandish humour and they’ll definitely remember your product. It worked, with Dollar Shave Club racking up 12,000 new customers just 48 hours after the video’s debut on YouTube.

With a view count approaching 25 million, it remains a shining example of corporate video done right. It cost just USD$4,500 yet played a pivotal role in Dollar Shave Club’s recent acquisition by Unilever for a cool USD$1 billion.


  1. Startup Australia

An issue that many brands face when creating a corporate video is successfully communicating lots of facts and figures to their audience. Even if all the information is important, some viewers might struggle to consume and comprehend every little detail.

Enter animation, which combines a number of approaches to expertly explain or illustrate your point. It can also entertain and engage the viewer in subjects that could otherwise struggle for attention and interest.

This animation for Start Up Australia promotes the advantages of entrepreneurship, sheds light on the brand’s initiative, and encourages the viewer to take action. By visualising the voiceover with inventive images and graphics, the audience gains a greater understanding too.

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