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Creative Brief: This Week's Industry News - 23 February | Jumbla

Feb 23, 2018

This week’s creative brief spans augmented reality (AR), interactive 3D images, video advertising, and smart pen tech.


Snapchat scores augmented reality and ecommerce win with Nike ad

Snapchat has underlined its ecommerce credentials after a life-size Michael Jordan augmented reality lens helped Nike sell out a new pair of runners in just 23 minutes.

Promoted during the NBA All-Star Game weekend in partnership with Shopify, Darkstore and R/GA, the campaign included a special QR code within the app - the only way to purchase Air Jordan III 'Tinkers'.

“What we launched with Snapchat and the Jordan Brand was a preview of what will become a paradigm,” CEO of Darkstore Lee Hnetinka said. “Imagine an ad on a bus stop with a Snapcode or a Snapcode on an advertisement or next to a product in a store, and it is delivered within hours. That’s what Snapchat [and] Darkstore enables.”


Facebook increases support for interactive 3D images

Facebook has recently rolled out support for a new file format (glTF 2.0), which makes it even easier to post interactive 3D images.

Within the NewsFeed, users can move and rotate a 3D object with their mouse or finger to view it from all angles.

Artists can share 3D content directly to Facebook with support for textures, lighting, and realistic rendering techniques. New tools will also allow developers to implement 3D sharing to Facebook from any app, website, or 3D software.

Think TV study suggests video advertising has biggest impact on mobile

A new study from Think TV suggests that video advertisements viewed on mobile have a higher sales impact and are more likely to grab audience attention than television and desktop.

Furthermore, the sales impact of broadcast video on-demand (BVOD) on mobile is 33% higher than Facebook and 17.5% higher than YouTube.

"Now with mobile devices increasing in importance for video viewing, we can see that all platforms benefit from the lean-in viewing experience," professor Karen Nelson-Field said. "Of course, as we predicted, those with better inherent ad visibility still benefit more.”


Moleskine adds Pen + Elipse to Smart Writing Set for real-time digital sketches

Moleskine has expanded its existing Smart Writing Set with the addition of Pen + Elipse - a smart pen that digitises drawings, doodles, and notes in real-time.

Any content created with the pen is automatically detected, converted, and sent to a paired smartphone or tablet, where it can be accessed and edited further. 

But for Pen + Elipse to work properly, you need to use the specially textured Paper Tablet or Smart Planner, effectively signing yourself up to the entire Moleskin ecosystem. 



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