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Case Studies

Case Study: Adore Beauty

Mar 7, 2017

There are clients we certainly enjoy working with, and there are some we just simply Adore!

Adore Beauty is a really exciting company that is leading the way in the world of e-commerce. In fact, it is Australia’s first cosmetics retailer to sell exclusively online. The store gives its customers access to over 165 cosmetics brands and more than 10 thousand beauty care products! In fact, it’s a Google Trusted Store with a remarkable rating of 4.9/5.

Creating a successful online store means finding creative ways to educate customers on matters that will increase the value of their visit, as well as the value of their purchases.

Adore Beauty made the great decision to choose the medium of animation for its makeup tutorials. Not only would this allow it to clearly control the mechanics of what it’s trying to demonstrate, but it also gave the company extra licence to create a unique look that’s in line with their brand identity.


Client collaboration

Adore Beauty supplied us with images as a guide. These were photos of live action models with the ideal make-up style superimposed over the top. (This was especially helpful for some of the guys who don’t know how to apply concealer – or what concealer is).

Alongside this, we were given some collateral promotional material Adore had created in the past. The style was very distinctive; the images looked almost like a watercolour painting, with lots of vivid (dare we say, passionate) brushstrokes. 

“Our job was to more or less combine the two references. Create a moving, practical make-up demonstration, but in the style of the artwork they had already supplied,” said Jumbla's Lead Illustration Artist David Bennett. “This was lots of fun because it became a project that had a lot of artistry in it. More so than your typical ‘product demonstration’ type animation.”

“In some respects, while merging the two references, I was able to bring in extra elements that are unique to animation. For example, being a watercolour style, I deliberately included lots of bleed effects – as if the demonstration was being drawn onto porous paper with ink or gouache.”


Establishing a strong relationship

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to make-up and skincare, and often it can be hard for customers to navigate it all. So, videos such as information make-up tutorials help to build goodwill among the customer base. Adore Beauty has created high-quality, on-brand, easy-to-consume content, with a genuine aim to assist customers in getting more out of their products and routines. This equates to even stronger loyalty and trust for an already much-loved store!

As an added bonus, the videos have strong “sharing capital” – since they carry clear advice that isn’t clouded by promotion – which helps to further extend the reach of the Adore Beauty name.

Stay tuned, as we may find ourselves contributing more adorable tutorials in the near future!

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