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Bruno Joins Jumbla’s Crack Creative Team

Jan 16, 2018

The start of a new year represents fresh opportunities, renewed motivation, and if you stick to your resolutions, change for the better. Jumbla’s no different…

But instead of signing up to the gym or giving up the booze, we’ve taken a different path towards self-improvement by bringing the creative talents of motion designer Bruno Borio on board.

With experience and expertise in both traditional 2D animation as well as 3D motion graphics, Bruno brings even more talent to Jumbla HQ.

Here’s what Brazilian-born Bruno is capable of:

We caught up with Bruno for a quick chat about how he was always destined for a creative career and what continues to motivate him at work.

Born to draw and animate

“Sounds like a cliché but similar to most designers, I've always been interested in art, in particular drawing, and that started as a kid,” Bruno said.

“Since my mother is a photographer, I started using Photoshop when I was still in school and using a computer to draw came naturally.”

While studying for a Bachelor of Design at Sao Paulo’s Senac University, where he graduated in 2008, Bruno was simultaneously interning at JAH Films.

He then transitioned into full-time work at production house Sentimental Filme as an After Effects generalist. Following a brief stint freelancing, Bruno returned to studio life with Cosulado and then VetorZero - the biggest 3D studio in Latin America.

In 2015, some 10 years after embarking on his animation career, Australia came calling…

“Two and a half years ago, I joined Engine's design team in Sydney, where my work included the award-winning ‘On the Go!’ ident for MTV,” Bruno said.

“I also directed an animation for the Wooden Boat Festival at the Australian Maritime Museum. The animation was projected on it's rooftop at the famous Darling Harbour - it was cool to see people reacting to it.”

Bringing an evolving skillset to Jumbla

Despite a design-based background, Bruno continues to expand his skillset and now sees himself as more of a ‘3D guy’. These sentiments echo recent trends at Jumbla, where an increasing number of projects are capitalising on the merits of 3D animation and motion graphics.

“I started out doing 2D animation, so it will always play an important role in my work,” Bruno said. “But I enjoy Cinema 4D a lot and this is really strong at Jumbla right now. I’ve been doing it for some time and while there is still a lot to learn, I feel I can contribute loads to the team.”

But regardless of the application he uses, Bruno always has the same intentions in mind…

“What you guys call the ‘wow’ effect - that’s what feeds my passion for animation and motion graphics,” he said. “To have a positive impact on the audience is always great. We are all kids at heart who love watching anything colourful that moves.

“The idea of being able to create something that can inspire people is really cool. Doing something new and different is also one of my favourite things about animation and motion graphics.”

We couldn’t agree more! Our creatives are stoked to have Bruno on the team and can’t wait to collaborate on projects together throughout 2018 and beyond.

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