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It's here - Jumbla exploits 2D strengths with latest showreel

Aug 14, 2017

Here it is.

Hot on the heels of Jumbla’s 2017 showreel, our creative crew has put the finishing touches on a selection of their favourite 2D animation projects from the past year.


The strengths of 2D animation

Jumbla’s Lead 2D Animation Artist Kane Rowlingson believes the format delivers something a little different to other disciplines.

“It’s able to bring a certain level of artistic freedom that is often hard or impossible to produce in 3D software,” he said. “Unlike 3D, which often feels too digital, it lends itself more freely to a heap of different artistic aesthetics.

“2D animation can also be completed a lot faster than 3D animation, meaning it's generally much more cost-effective for clients.”


The finer details of Jumbla’s 2D animation showreel

Jumbla’s 2D animation showreel jumps from ultra-realistic hand-drawn illustrations to cartoon-style sequences and even abstract conceptual art, demonstrating the medium’s immense versatility.

“2D animation can generally be applied to any video,” said Kane. “The simplicity of 2D animation means that it works really well with story-driven projects and character animation.”

When it comes to working on 2D animation projects, Jumbla hand-picks teams best-suited to the client’s preferred style.

“We have a really diverse team, with some people being good at background illustration, character illustration, character animation, cell animation, plus sound and audio, and a bunch of other stuff in-between,” Kane said.

“Everyone collaborates under the instruction of a director to piece together all of their own parts and create something awesome.”


Jumbla’s unique take on 2D animation

Although 2D animation is a single string on Jumbla’s sizable bow, Kane reveals it’s one that demands respect.

“It highlights our ability to jump between a multitude of different styles to suit any brand or aesthetic,” he said. “We have a knack for timing and pacing, so the overall arcs and flow of movement feels natural.

“You can also see our ability to add personality and expression to a character or even an inanimate object just by the way it moves.

“This makes animation more fun and engaging to watch.”

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