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10 Corporate Video Advantages You Can Only Enjoy With Animation

Nov 27, 2017

Effective communication is vital to every business, and an increasingly popular format is the corporate video. Advantages are myriad - brand awareness, stronger engagement levels, higher conversion rates - the list goes on.

It used to be a term that sent waves of boredom through crowds, but with the introduction of animation and motion graphics, corporate video is now anything but.

Take a look at this example we produced for ANZ:

I mean, who needs the real Novak Djokovic when you can create a sliding, animated version?


The dangers of live action corporate video

Here's the deal...

Live action video can be awesome, but there are a lot of factors you need to nail 100% or risk coming out with a lemon.

You know the type of video we mean - the acting is painful, there’s little-to-no visual appeal, a complete lack of emotion, and an absence of personality.

Want proof? Check out this cringe-worthy recruiting video from the Department of Finance. Eek!


Control and precision with animated corporate video

Now let’s turn our attention to the alternative…

Animation and motion graphics ensure you avoid terrible acting, blown-out budgets, poor lighting, scratchy sound and questionable sets that are often present in live action video.

You’ll need to make sure you tick the right boxes in terms of form and function, but the advantages of animated corporate video are many and varied.

  1. Eye-catching and attention-grabbing

The sight of animation and motion graphics will act as a hook that reels your audience in.

  1. Highly engaging

Movement, colour and the presence of an interesting story arc will gain the attention of your audience - and keep it.

  1. Easy to understand

The combination of sound and vision means you can communicate a multitude of messages at the same time. The multi-sensory nature of learning and the brain gives your messaging have a greater likelihood of ‘sticking’.

  1. Extremely versatile

Animation and motion graphics can be used for almost any purpose - publicity, promotion, education,events, to name just a few. It also provides a high degree of control over how your messages are represented and communicated.

  1. Strong brand identity

Bring your brand to life and establish a stronger identity with visuals that create a memorable viewing experience.

  1. Anything is possible

Live action is limiting, whereas animation and motion graphics makes anything possible...quite literally. Want to show the inner workings of a combustion engine, or neurons firing in the brain? Animation can do it with ease. Live action, not so much...

  1. Evoke emotional response

Animation is naturally fun and full of energy, but can be equally effective at stirring more serious emotions… Again, the precise control you have over animated video allows you to communicate your message exactly as you’d like to.

  1. Convey sensitive or complex messages

Some subject matter is too difficult or impractical to portray with live action. Animation helps communicate your message with sensitivity and subtlety that can be controlled with not only the message itself, but the visuals and audio used.

  1. Cost-effective

Animation and motion graphics can be created at a fixed cost according to your budget with no hidden charges. In the vast majority of circumstances, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than a live action video alternative (without compromising on quality).

  1. Search and social influence

Videos are now a critical ranking signal on search engines, while their ‘virality’ on social media knows no bounds. Additionally, research shows that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.


Three examples of animated corporate video

 - Carben Creative

With this corporate video, Carben Creative wanted to communicate the essence of its brand - connecting humanity through inspired storytelling. To do this, it drew comparison with carbon, the building block of the universe to which everything else is connected.

2D animation was the perfect medium to illustrate this abstract yet pertinent concept. Key themes such as storytelling, DNA, and atoms are intertwined throughout and seamlessly connected, taking the viewer on a corporate video journey like no other.


 - Zenith Interiors – Sol-Mix

This corporate video for Zenith Interiors adopts a rather unique approach - it doesn't feature a voiceover. Instead, the layout design and typography treatments along with 3D rendered products take centre stage, demonstrating how one piece of furniture can flawlessly complement the next.

Zenith Interiors wanted to create a corporate video its sales team could show potential buyers. The end result informs with true-to-life depictions of the product range, but also creates excitement thanks to fast-paced editing and bold colour palette.


 - Childwise

Any conversation around child abuse is going to be difficult to portray. So, how do you sensitively address the subject in a corporate video? With this effort, Child Wise contextualised child abuse with something more familiar and less threatening - 2D animation.

Aimed at primary school kids aged between five and 11, this corporate video engages children in the discussion without making them feel scared or ashamed. The style is playful yet realistic enough for viewers to understand the seriousness of the issue and how to approach it.


Corporate video advantages with animation

Corporate video can still be hugely effective and influential when using live action. However, animation and motion graphics bring additional advantages to the party, particularly with the level control and creativity they afford.

Want to benefit from the aforementioned corporate video advantages? Get in touch with Jumbla and let’s work together.

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