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We often get asked what it's like to work at Jumbla and it can be hard to know where to start.


Between trying to describe our ridiculously cool office, the constant stream of high calibre, exciting clients we work on or even just the laid-back, chilled out environment we work in everyday — it can be hard to sum it all up sometimes.

So to make things easy we thought we’d try lay it all out to give everyone a bit of an idea of how we do it here at Jumbla.



The studio


Probably the easiest place to start is simply the space we work in. Our studio is all about being relaxed, fun and creative. It’s kind of like working from home, except you’ve actually bothered to hang all your cool artwork and get a bunch of indoor plants to make it look pretty. Here, you get to work with your mates everyday, and there’s free coffee, beer and fruit!


From the moment you walk in you know this isn’t your standard work space. The music will be the first giveaway here, we’ve got trusty old Spotify pumping out a carefully curated selection of tunes all day because, you know, printers, mouse clicks and keyboards sound pretty boring.

We all work in the same open space, have lunch together everyday and make regular use of the BBQ. Other notable features include our outdoor courtyard, fishpond, dartboard and mini basketball hoop.


And then there’s the table tennis table. Standing as the proud centrepiece of the office, this gets daily use. From friendly hit ups to intense one-on-one showdowns and even the occasional all-in ‘around the world’ challenge, we really find it’s the perfect way to break up the day and clear your mind.


Next to the table is our beloved Playstation, because we’ve also found that shooting the crap out of each other in Call Of Duty is another pretty effective mind-clearer.


Our clients


Believe it or not, this is where the real fun lies. It’s not enough to just love where you work, you’ve got to love what you do — which makes us a lucky bunch.


Working with motion graphics and animation to tell visual stories is naturally pretty exciting, but it wouldn’t be half the fun if it weren’t for the highly creative, top tier projects we work on everyday.


We’re constantly mixing it up as we do work for a huge range of advertising agencies, production houses and even direct clients. Think Coca Cola, Ogilvy, BMW, McCann, MTV, Toyota and Leo Burnett to name a few.


Other fun stuff


Because we’re big on keeping things fun, we always make sure there are loads of activities on the go to mix up the week. Friday afternoon Playstation and beers are pretty standard but we also run a monthly studio trivia night, poker nights, footy tipping, birthday lunches and whatever else we can think of to make sure no two weeks are the same.


At the heart of it, it’s really all about making sure we love what we do so we can keep the creativity pumping and all have a bit of fun along the way..


Oh, and we also have a room dedicated to our beloved HTC Vive. 


If you think you'd fit in well around here, then please check out the current jobs and get in touch via email