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Client Login Splash Animations

Just like an in-game cinematic, login splash animations can act as a powerful device, showcasing a character’s qualities or providing extra context to gameplay.


“We might make the background move slightly or shake the camera a little bit. We might have some effects going on at the same time, like particles and sparkles to make things more interesting,” Jumbla Creative Director Callan Woolcock said.


“All these little things help emphasise what’s going on, like the game environment or a particular character. The artwork sets the scene for client login splash animations, but we bring them to life.”

Benefits of login splash animations

  • Give video game content more depth and dynamism

  • Maintain engagement levels from player login

  • Provide players more than a static screen as a welcome

Capitalise on login and load screens

Until game engines become even more advanced, login and load screens are somewhat necessary.

But this can be a good thing, particularly if you use this platform to excite players about imminent content and gameplay.

“We also like to put little Easter eggs in there,” Callan said. “So, there might be a certain effect that is relevant to - or featured in - the game.

“Gamers pick up on that type of stuff. It makes the whole experience better. It adds to the game’s dynamic.”

Focusing on the finer details

In order to make login splash animations equally as enthralling as in-game content, our creative team focuses on the finer details.

“With previous character-based splash animations, we’ve had to separate strands of hair and make it blow in the wind,” Callan said.

“Other projects have featured characters breathing heavily or moving a weapon up and down, like with Kayn’s character reveal for League of Legends.

“We had to make his weapon look heavy, which emphasises the character’s strength and gets you excited about playing as him.”

Flexible solutions

We can work with you to deliver the conceptual, creative and technical assistance for novel and attention-grabbing client login splash screens.

The best policy is to ask how we can add value when talking with your producer - we'll always go the extra mile to help out!


Our interconnected studios in the UK and Australia collaborate with clients all over the world in the film, TV, gaming, video production, events, marketing and advertising industries.



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