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Kick-start your animation career with a Cinema 4D training course

Oct 18, 2017

If you haven’t already heard, Jumbla Academy is now a Cinema 4D training course. From next semester (starting 15 January 2018), we’ll be dedicating a module to our favourite application for 3D modelling and motion graphics.

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If you can't wait that long, consider our intensive Cinema 4D course instead. You'll learn the basic of this awesome application along with a few advanced techniques too.

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The inclusion of Cinema 4D at Jumbla Academy is a reflection of current industry trends and student demand. More and more clients want their explainer videos, TVCs, and web videos to feature advanced 3D animation and motion graphics.

To explain how Cinema 4D could have a major impact on your creative career, we asked for the input of Jumbla’s Senior Motion Designer Cornel Swoboda. He’s the guy we call on to create wizardry like this…

Reasons for signing up to Jumbla Academy’s Cinema 4D training course

Cornel didn’t mince words when we asked why Jumbla Academy decided to introduce a Cinema 4D module.

“3D is the future,” he said. “Over the past few years, motion graphics has shifted more and more into 3D. It’s kind of mandatory for animators and designers to know applications like Cinema 4D.”

And the trend hasn’t gone unnoticed in Jumbla’s South Melbourne studio. Several members of the team have decided to enhance their animation skillset by learning Cinema 4D.

“We have Christie who is super-interested in 3D and has been doing it in her spare time. Jess even learnt how to use Cinema 4D for her NODE Fest ident competition entry, which is crazy impressive,” Cornel said.

“By bringing Cinema 4D to Jumbla Academy, we are making our students ready for the future; making them better at animation and motion graphics.”


What you’ll get out of a Cinema 4D

Don’t worry if you’ve never entertained the idea of using Cinema 4D before, because according to Cornel, it's the perfect stepping stone for transitioning into 3D.

“It’s easy-to-use, easy-to-learn professional 3D software, which specialises in motion graphics. It also works with nearly every other application, such as After Effects, which is another key aspect of Jumbla Academy. If you only have a basic understanding of After Effects, you can jump onto Cinema 4D and still make your way around,” Cornel said.

As for the careers you could pursue with Cinema 4D, the possibilities are endless.

“It’s super-popular with animation studios, production houses, advertising agencies, and freelancers. Once you feel at home with Cinema 4D, you can learn other 3D applications with ease,” added Cornel.

“It gives you a good introduction to 3D terminology as well as how to navigate and work in 3D. You can then adapt this knowledge elsewhere.”


Don’t miss out on Jumbla Academy’s first Cinema 4D semester

The clock is ticking to get your Jumbla Academy applications in for next semester, which starts 15 January 2018. Don’t miss your chance to learn advanced 3D modelling and motion graphics with the help of Cinema 4D.

Who knows, if you make significant progress and impress with your abilities, there may even be an internship or job in it for you…

Take a step closer to a career in animation and motion graphics by signing up to Jumbla Academy today.

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