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Jumbla Academy helps you land your dream job

Our students graduate from Jumbla Academy with a diverse set of skills and experiences, and they can be found working in all sorts of industries: ranging from advertising agencies, to their own visual content studios - with many even working at Jumbla!


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Graduated Jumbla Academy in 2017

Motion Designer at Jumbla

'Doing Jumbla Academy was what got me the job. Coming from a design background, I didn’t even have an animation showreel to get into the animation industry. Academy taught me nearly everything that I needed to know about animation. With each project, we were always encouraged to experiment, and challenge ourselves with different animation techniques and illustration styles. So not only did it help with improving my skills as an animator, it also really helped to evolve my illustrations to something different that looked great as a still image and as an animated piece.  

I’d recommend it to anyone, no matter what skill level you’re at with animation. For someone like me who had close to zero knowledge in After Effects, I was able to get myself an animation job all thanks to the showreel I put together at the Academy. One of the perks of the Academy is that you’re literally working in the same environment as actual animators! So, whenever I had a question about the industry or just about animation that I’m not sure how to do, there’d always be someone in the studio that’d be able to answer my question.'

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Graduated Jumbla Academy in 2017

Senior Designer at Liquorice 

'Jumbla Academy added a new dimension to my skill set. I had a near 20 year career in design, going into the course with zero animation experience. When finished, I had the tools to develop animation into something the studio I work for could offer clients and, on a more personal level, a new direction to move in creatively and skill wise.

Since I finished up with Jumbla Academy, I've begun taking on some of the animation jobs that we had coming in which would normally be given over to a freelancer or outside studio. On top of this, I've been able to add some motion to our presentations and pitches, as well as add some movement to credentials and our website. 

The more I've been able to work on the more confident I've got and the more knowledge I've added. I wasn't sure what skills I'd finish the course with but was pretty happy and somewhat surprised that by the end I could sit and get something happening without a worry.'


Graduated Jumbla Academy in 2017

Founder & Creative Director at Patton’d Studios

'Motion design is a great tool for science communication, but it was an area of design in which I had zero knowledge or experience. Jumbla Academy seemed like a great opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge in a short time, which was exactly what I needed!

Going through the process of storyboards, style frames and learning how to pick up on the small details has equipped me with an understanding of what goes into a motion design production, and certainly made me a better director. The people I’ve met and connections I’ve made Jumbla Academy have proven to be invaluable, and it’s great to know I can always ask for advice on projects whenever I bite off more than I can chew - which is often!' 


Graduated Jumbla Academy in 2018

Freelance Motion Designer and Illustrator

'I'd been working as a graphic designer for quite a while, and wanted to extend my skills. I'd be finding more and more of a demand for motion graphics from my regular clients, and I wanted to creatively challenge myself. Since completing Jumbla Academy, and the subsequent internship, I've opened up a whole new avenue of work, and 50% of my income now comes from animation. 

I was struggling to find a course that was short enough to work around my freelance work, but in depth enough to give me proper skills I could use in the industry. I also didn't want to relearn all the design programs I already knew. The course was perfect in that respect. I found the tutors to be super personable, and they genuinely cared about how you were going. There was always lots of help if you got stuck and the smaller class sizes meant you got a decent amount of one on one time. Having practising animators teaching you meant the information we received was really current, which is really important in an industry where the technology is constantly updated.'

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Graduated Jumbla Academy in 2016

Freelance Motion Designer

'I had no animation experience in After Effects before I did Jumbla Academy. It gave me a new career option, which I’ve followed.  

If you're looking to break into After Effects animation, I can't recommend Jumbla Academy more. You’ll learn a lot, and from talented people.'


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Graduated Jumbla Academy in 2017

Motion Graphics Designer at We Make Online Videos

'Jumbla helped me bridge the gap between what I’d learned at university, and getting job ready. I came out of Academy with a greatly improved skill set and a much better understanding of what it took to be a motion graphics designer in the industry. It taught me good workflow and organisation to ensure I could complete a job efficiently and on time.


Jumbla helped me break into the industry by giving me the skills needed, and an idea of what it was like to work as a motion graphics designer. I came out with a great showreel that I was happy to send out to studios I wanted to work at.'


Graduated Jumbla Academy in 2016

Motion Designer at Jumbla

'I wouldn't be working at Jumbla without Jumbla Academy. It was essential in my learning of Adobe and motion graphics, and by the end of the course, I was studio-ready.'


Graduated Jumbla Academy in 2019

Digital Designer at Jumbla, and Freelancer

'In this day and age, if you don't expand yourself and aren't constantly upskilling, you're falling behind as a designer. Jumbla Academy has been extremely valuable to my career and experience, adding value to who I am as a designer. I'll be able to take on more work and help my team out with this new skill set.'


Laura's Journey

Laura was a student at the first ever Jumbla Academy, and since then, she's gone on to take the Jumbla Internship, work in our studio as a motion designer, and now works as a freelance animator.

Watch what she has to say about the course.

Job Outcomes

Our students tell us there's nothing quite like honing their skills in a working animation studio, and we wholeheartedly agree. Here are places graduates have ended up after Jumbla Academy.


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