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2018 Broadcast Design Showreel

Animation Type: 2D, 3D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Creative Director
Callan Woolcock

Using animation and motion graphics in your broadcast design is a surefire way to increase the production value of your next television program or web video.

Opening titles, in-programme transitions, and outro sequences featuring animation, motion graphics, or a mixture of the two can enhance the viewer’s experience and contribute to a stronger branded identity.

Here’s a look at some of the projects featured in our 2018 broadcast design showreel.


Working alongside Axis Animation, Jumbla produced the opening titles for Clique - a six-part drama series airing on BBC Three in the UK. While it’s bright and aesthetically vibrant, you can sense an underbelly of sensuality and intrigue - themes that are covered in the show.

Healthy Homes

This is the second title sequence we’ve produced for the Australian TV show Healthy Homes, on behalf of BSTV. We combined a modern isometric technique with a contemporary colour palette filled with contrasts.

NODE Fest - Dee

This entry for NODE Fest’s annual ident competition was created by Jumbla 3D artist Dileepa Solangaarachchi. Despite sweeping inspirations such as stars, space, and the Big Bang, Dileepa approached the project just like any other - with plenty of concentrated focus.

Deakin University - Ingenious

To shed light on Deakin University’s engineering program, we went for an aesthetic that would appeal to those already interested in the subject as well as a broader audience. Our design-driven vision is a lot like engineering in action, where innovative ideas meet methodical actions to create artefacts that work.

Have You Got That Right?

This opening sequence was for Have You Got That Right?, a web series about law - in particular human rights. We had the idea of making the style reminiscent of Banksy’s stencil artwork due to the show’s modern, edgy, yet humorous tone.

And Then I Vanish

This ‘motion poem’ was a passion project of Jumbla Senior Motion Designer Cornel Swoboda. Using fashion photography as a source of inspiration, Cornel adopted a few guiding principles such as only depicting portraits and close-ups, maintaining the same light direction throughout.

Pause Fest - Erupt

We were asked to create a motion graphic ident for Pause Fest - a must-attend event for creative individuals. Jumbla Executive Creative Director Callan Woolcock created a piece that was unlike any other project, delving into new and previously unused techniques, such as mixing abstract cell animation with 3D.

AGDA - Creative Response

We were invited to create a motion response for the Australian Graphic Design Association awards night. Based on the theme ‘pinnacle of design’, the client’s only requirement was that the piece resemble the look and feel of its logo.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016

These event graphics were used to promote Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016. Each sequence represents a different aspect of springtime in the city, from blossoming flowers to sun-loungers on the beach.

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