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2018 Branded Web Content Showreel

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Creative Director
Callan Woolcock

Jumbla’s branded web content showreel is a great illustration of how we help brands tell stories to build online presence, engage audiences, and make conversions.

Whether it’s a corporate explainer, event graphics pack, promotional video, 3D product demonstration, or internal communications piece, our creative and production teams will work alongside your organisation to achieve its branded web content objectives.

Here’s a look at some of the individual projects featured in our 2018 branded web content showreel.


Full-service health club Fernwood isn’t just another a gym; it’s a community where women are given the confidence and support to look after number one. In addition to frame-by-frame animation, we also utilised 2D visuals with a mix of 3D for more depth and dynamism.

Young and Emerging Women Leaders Program

This video details the story of a potential candidate to the Young and Emerging Women Leaders Program. A strong use of depth and parallax and vibrant colour palette helps convey emotion and a sense of positivity.

Keri Juice

The brief called for a 'World of Keri Juice', with the mountainous terrain taking inspiration from New Zealand - the brand’s birthplace. Although our input for this animation was more technical than artistic, we still had to create 3D objects, draw some illustrations, and manage the actual animation.


Y3llow is an online commercial for Rhinomed featuring four-time Tour De France winner, Chris Froome. It combines live-action footage with motion graphics and a voiceover from Froome, which we recorded in Melbourne. The animation has received a number of accolades and was an honouree at the 2017 Webby Awards.



Our work for HotDoc explores the challenges associated with running a medical centre and how its solution aims to overcome them. Throughout the video, we needed to communicate the importance of strong relationships between GPs and patients, and the positive impact they can have on patient well-being.


DST Systems - Bluedoor

By using minimalist 2D icons, fused by chic transitions, Jumbla was able to relay a great deal of detail about DST’s financial platform without getting bogged down by technical jargon. We also placed an emphasis on simple and logical animation - ideals shared by DST Systems Bluedoor.

The Lumeo Process

With an injection of off-the-wall humour, this video for Lumeo proves that insightful explanations about products or services don’t need to be dry and boring. It also conveys a lot of useful information about what it's like working alongside Lumeo.


In another video for Lumeo, we managed to articulate the value of an explainer animation while showcasing the brand’s identity, size, and capabilities in a matter of seconds. We also made sure it didn’t ask too much of the audience in terms of concentration or comprehension.


Cricket Australia

We wanted to do more than just meet Cricket Australia’s brief of presenting its four-year targets. Instead, we engaged audiences through a compelling narrative, working with the client to tell the story of a young, passionate fan who dreams of becoming a cricketer on the world stage.


To promote its new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner fleet, QANTAS capitalised on Jumbla’s 2D animation and motion graphics skillset. Our animators delivered in a style that suited the brand’s identity; professional and sophisticated, yet relaxed.

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