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From TVCs featuring cutting-edge 3D motion graphics, to web videos utilising 2D character animation, Jumbla’s team of 30+ creatives is capable of producing all manner of advertising video, whether we’re given a strict brief or complete creative freedom.

Here’s a look at some of the projects featuring in our 2018 advertising showreel.


The number one priority with this TVC was effectively communicating the hot-hatch credentials of the latest Suzuki Swift Sport. Working alongside agency The Sandford Partnership, our creative team explored the idea of depicting a stylised steel works, where the car emerged from piping-hot molten metal.

Kitchen Warehouse

Given the tight timeframe of just 15 seconds, motion graphics was the perfect medium with which to promote Kitchen Warehouse’s core philosophy. Transitions echo the use of certain utensils, while the percussive music conveys the enjoyment of cooking.

The Wilderness Society

This promotional web video was commissioned as part of the Save Our Endangered Wildlife campaign by the Wilderness Society. It aims to shed light on threatened animal species by imagining their plight from a human perspective.

Zenith Interiors

In contrast to a previous project for Zenith Interiors, we decided to take this product demonstration in a completely different direction with photorealistic 3D models, fast-paced motion graphics, beat-driven music, and no voiceover whatsoever.


With this online commercial, Knog wanted to inform cyclists about the multifaceted nature of its versatile PWR bike lights. Featuring in-your-face animation accompanied by a head-nodding bassline, the video aims to get viewers excited immediately.


To highlight the fact that you’re never too young, too busy, or too late to start your own business, Xero approached Jumbla for a piece of 3D animation and motion graphics. It utilises a bright colour palette and playful typography to inspire hope among budding entrepreneurs.

Julius Marlow

The problem with several dress shoes is that they favour fashion over function. But thanks to innovative 02 Motion technology, footwear from Julius Marlow not only looks the part, it feels great too. The Brand Collective asked Jumbla to create a ‘deconstructed’ piece of animation and motion graphics to showcase the product’s comfortable composition.

Scottish Water

Our TVC for Scottish Water features a typical scenario of an employee visiting a customer’s house. But thanks to the playful animation, it doesn’t feel as formal as live action. It also allows for a more engaging experience without detracting from the client’s key messaging.

Yarra Trams

This public information video for Yarra Trams features simple yet true-to-life line drawings to help the viewer understand how service changes might affect them, which is reinforced by the main character’s daily journey. Tram noises were recorded right outside the studio to overlay as SFX.

Nike Air Mockup: The Rhino

This uncommissioned passion project was created by Jumbla's Senior Motion Designer Cornel Swoboda. Nike Air trainers are thought of as soft and flexible, but they’ve got to be durable and tough too. Cornel ran with this idea, likening their construction to a rhinoceros.

The University of Melbourne Open Day

We worked alongside creative agency McCann to produce event graphics for the University of Melbourne Open Day and its ‘collision’ campaign. The result is an evocative piece that communicates the energetic collaboration of the university students and the greatness born from their intellectual collisions.


This promotional teaser shows two friends betting against each other and having their friendship tested while using the SportChamps app. It was part of a video series, which used the same style of 2D character animation - designed in Photoshop and composited in After Effects - for greater consistency across every marketing message.

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