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What is Jumbla Academy?

Jumbla Academy is a hands-on, intensive program that runs for 15 weeks at Jumbla’s Melbourne studio. The course is designed to equip people with the skills needed to land a job in the industry or win work from clients.

It’s geared towards junior animators or recent graduates who are seeking additional practical experience in a real-world studio environment. It might also suit freelance artists wanting to refine their skill set and learn some of the cutting edge techniques shaping the industry today.

We conduct Jumbla Academy three times a year. The course is run for two full days between 9am and 5pm, over 15 consecutive weeks.

Jumbla Academy also features a presentation and Q&A session with our Executive Creative Director and Head of Production. This unique opportunity will offer you valuable insight into the inner workings of an animation studio, and provide guidance on what employers are really looking for when recruiting junior animators and how to get your foot in the door.

Why Did We Create It?

Jumbla Academy’s purpose is to help passionate people break into the animation and motion graphics industry, by bringing them inside that very environment.

Even our most talented animators here at Jumbla have been there before: nervous about how they’re going to crack into the industry, and worried about how they’re going to translate their knowledge into studio-friendly skills. Jumbla Academy is designed to make that transition less daunting.

We open our doors for 15 weeks, teaching students everything from practical techniques (which could see them halve the time spent on jobs) to polishing up projects and even helping create showreels, so they can present their best work to prospective employers.

We only accept twelve students per class. That’s not because we don’t have the room: it’s because we don’t want you to feel like you’re at an academic institution. Instead, the conditions resemble what it’s like to work in a studio, under a creative director (subject to briefs and deadlines), while also enabling you to express your talents.

Student Testimonials

What Will You Take Away From Jumbla Academy?

For starters, an awesome showreel!

You’ll get all the training needed to make a flashy showreel, filled with your own original content. This will be invaluable in helping you capture the attention of key figures in the industry, as it will instantly show what you’re capable of.

You’ll also have the opportunity to:

  • Learn detailed design techniques and processes
  • Achieve a higher quality of output and complete work more efficiently
  • Learn from a former Jumbla creative manager
  • Network with other animators and designers
  • Receive industry mentoring from animators in our studio
  • Add some shine to your CV, with new skills and experiences

Let's Break it Down

  • 240 hours of in-studio learning
  • Two internships awarded per semester
  • Hands-on training and feedback
  • Real-world projects to work on
  • The opportunity to meet (and observe the work of) creatives in the industry
  • Mentoring from an industry expert (current Jumbla animators)
  • No need to bring anything (hardware and software provided during course)
  • Unlimited business hours use of Jumbla computers throughout the 15 weeks


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Course Guide

Jumbla Academy will take your craft to the next level. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll grow in 15 weeks. You’ll be industry ready... because you’ll have solid experience within the industry.

Week 1

Get into the studio, meet the Jumbla team, your tutor and mentor, and get settled down at your new part-time home for the next 3 months. Delve into Illustrator and learn about character design.


Week 2

A refresher course on design elements and principles, as well as colour theory and typography. Put that knowledge to the test with a style frame design exercise in Illustrator.


Week 3

Time to put those art skills to work as we get up to speed on Photoshop. Get the inside scoop on the studio's workflow for texturing vector assets.


Week 4

It’s time to animate! Get a comprehensive first look at After Effects as we tackle how we make things move using the Principles of Animation. We deconstruct the almighty graph editor and bend it to our will.


Week 5

We rig up our characters and start animating some a walk cycles. We then move onto tackling scene transitions and how we can use them to create super dynamic motion.


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Week 6

We look a little closer at After Effects and have a play with its most popular plugins. Animate a style frame and spend a whole day learning the ins and outs of Element 3D.


Week 7 - 9

This is where the fun really starts - this week, you start your own project working on character animation. Learning how to produce style frames, mood boards, storyboards and, of course, animation.


Week 10 - 12

Over these three weeks, you’ll be given brief number two: design-based animation. Use After Effects to create a typographic and motion based animation of studio quality.


Week 13 - 14

The final project; pool all that you’ve learnt into creating a short title sequence, as defined by a provided brief. Set out to impress by choosing from a variety of genres.


Week 15

In the final week, our Creative Director will host a Q&A session, giving you the unique opportunity get advice and guidance from one of the best in the industry.

Our Head of Production will also join in, providing invaluable insight into the industry’s hiring and production processes, and tips on what employers are looking for in a great animator.

In the last week, you’ll also have a chance to revisit your past projects to add those extra touches of polish. And finally, you’ll be editing together your all important showreel to take with you into your now brighter future!


Who's Teaching?

Professor Lahiru

Professor Lahiru will be running your classes - you'll be in good hands!

Lahiru is one guy who knows his stuff. As a creative manager at Jumbla, he’s worked on a diverse range of projects, from 2D corporate videos to immersive 3D video game cinematics.

Lahiru is passionate about turning aspiring animators into superstars. Having worked as the head of a team of junior creatives, he’s a proven training and development wizard!

“It’s great to see how much students attending Jumbla Academy grow in the space of just three months," says Lahiru. "The past students have really delved into it. It’s awesome to see them take skills and techniques they didn’t think they were ready for, and then apply them to work that is genuinely impressive. Even they themselves are surprised by how good their animation looks!”

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